Thoughts & Well Wishes

John Sales | Jun 21, 2018
Dear Barry and Kerry,
Sorry to be late making contact but I only heard of your situation this morning. I'm so sorry to read your injuries and trauma but very happy to know you are now having positive results from your treatment! I hope your rehab plan will now accelerate your full recovery and release from hospital. I'll follow your progress and hope to be able to pay you a visit when you're up for that. You guys should feel free to contact me if there is anything I can do! Take care and get strong my friend. J
April Sullivan | Mar 30, 2018
From the moment we heard of this accident (here at the PUD) I have not stopped praying for Barry.  I am so blessed to hear he is making progress.  I am continuing to pray for him and his recovery.  I will keep checking in to see what are your needs in the future.