Thoughts & Well Wishes

John Sheeler | Dec 9, 2019
Hey Bear,

Glad to hear you got your wheels under ya again. When I read the post today it made me think I should share something with you. It's in reference to the early onset dementia. I'm no expert but it may be something for you to look into. I have been having some serious memory/brain issues of late. The diagnosis is Epilepsy with what they call Absence seizures. The good thing is it is treatable with meds, which I'm sure you have had enough of! I have been unable to drive for going on six months,(state law) I hope to get to drive after the first of the year. This condition I have is sometimes caused by a blow to the head at some point in life I'm told (which I have had a few) I also have three brain aneurysm's which I'm told are unrelated.

The point is, and maybe it's not any better than the dementia diagnosis but something you may look into. I see Dr. So (sp?) at Harborview and he has been great.

I was having these episodes where I could function and do everything like normal but the next day or week not remember any of it. I'm not sure what your experiencing but if it sounds similar maybe check it out. I only hope the best for you both, it's been a long ordeal for you and you both have been in my thoughts. If you care to chat my number is 206-793-2230.
John Sales | Jun 21, 2018
Dear Barry and Kerry,
Sorry to be late making contact but I only heard of your situation this morning. I'm so sorry to read your injuries and trauma but very happy to know you are now having positive results from your treatment! I hope your rehab plan will now accelerate your full recovery and release from hospital. I'll follow your progress and hope to be able to pay you a visit when you're up for that. You guys should feel free to contact me if there is anything I can do! Take care and get strong my friend. J