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Knowing that breast cancer is so prevalent in the family Barb participated in proactive screening and this is a success story - go get those mammograms and MRI's!  they work!  The tiny tumors were spotted via routine MRI and the biopsy confirmed the diagnosis we had expected for years! 

The next step for Barb is a bilateral mastectomy scheduled for Wednesday, December 12, 2018 and we have every hope that it will be a great time to hibernate through the winter and come back stronger & cancer free on the other side. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Barb Legere

Has it really been over a month since we updated this journal? Well, in this case I can tell you that no news is very good news. I’ve been healing and steadily getting stronger every day and it seemed like each week brought more health & ability to do normal activities. 

None of it has been exciting to report but here’s the gist of it:  the 3rd week, I got out to Wegmans for 20 minutes and then slept 3 hours.  The next week I went to Wegmans and slept an hour, the week after that I went to Wegmans and just rested for a few hours.  Then I went to Wegmans AND made a simple dinner (but man was I tired after that!).  Now I can run errands and go out for 5-6 hours with no nap afterwards! Woo whee!

It has been the little milestones that have meant the most - the 2nd week I was home, Steve needed to go in to the office (2 miles away) for a few hours. He carefully made sure I was all set with beverages and TV remote and he showed me the soup all set to warm up in the fridge.  But when lunchtime came I discovered that I couldn’t reach the cupboard that held the bowls for the soup! I just stared at those bowls as though they would hop down into my hand themselves!  No luck but as it was just before Christmas and we’d been the happy recipients of several friends Christmas goodies I’m sure I didn’t go hungry...

Today I have no problem emptying the dishwasher (but don’t tell Steve I said that!) and lifting a stack of those same bowls back to where they belong!  Little things mean so much!

One of the things that has really helped has been going to physical therapy 2X per week. The therapist started me on simple, gentle stretches and now we’ve moved up to strengthening those muscles and building endurance. 

My good friend, Kim Harwood, connected me with The Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester ( and they have a wealth of information and classes and support for people with breast cancer.  I’ve taken advantage of their classes (Gentle Yoga & Mindfulness and Meditation) and Brown Bag Lunches on Fridays.  I’ve learned so much from women who are a little further on down the path. I’ve also attended a few healthy cooking classes and so we’re incorporating plant-based meals more often. 

The big milestone this week is starting to drop in to work at St Pius a couple of days!  I’ll start by cleaning out my inbox (yikes!) and checking in with the many teams of people who have kept a lot of balls rolling while I’ve been out of commission.  Then next week, it’s back to real life!  

While I’ve loved the slow-motion life I’ve had and the blessing of time to heal and recover, I’m excited about seeing the teens and families at St Pius again!  I am so very grateful for all of the support, cards, emails and love that has been sent my way.  My heart is overflowing with gratitude.  


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