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Site created on October 31, 2018

Sarah and Bude (Pronounced [Buddy] our name for Baby Ramthun in utero) continue this journey of pregnancy into birth!  Both are healthy and stable!!!  However, some developments have taken place.  We praise God that we know what we do BEFORE there is an emergency and that we are in great hands!!!

We are using this website to keep family and friends updated in one place. We feel so loved and supported by so many!!!  Thanks for being a part of our journey!!!

We found out on Monday, October 22nd that we have a complete Placenta Previa (meaning the Placenta is centered over Sarah's cervix) which requires us to have a C-Section.  It also increases the risks of bleeding and a need to keep an extra eye on both Sarah and Bude.  Both are currently very healthy!  Bude is 34 weeks gestation as of October 29th and looking great!  On Monday, October 29th Sarah experienced some bleeding  so we went to Sauk Prairie Hospital where they took VERY good care of us!!!  As things progressed our doctors decided to transfer us to Meriter in Madison so if Bude needed to be delivered early there would be the support of the NICU for him/her.  

We found out on Wednesday, October 31, that with the placenta so completely covering the cirvix, often the 1st bleed is a warning and a 2nd bleed could be (often is) significant and fast and would not give us time to get from Sauk Prairie into Madison in time to safely deliver Bude, so Sarah is staying at the hospital until after Bude is born.

Our prayer is that Bude stays put inside Sarah and both stay healthy until after 36 or ideally 37 weeks (Nov 19) and that there is no more bleeding or early labor so we can proceed with a scheduled C-Section around that time based on how Sarah and Bude are doing.  That will allow Bude to more fully develop and us all to go home sooner after he/she is born.  We also pray for Caleb and Sam as they have a varied schedule and life without Mom and Dad at home for a while - thanks to SO many who are helping take care of them!!!

You can assume that no news is good news as the days and weeks go on, but we will let you know as things progress.  =)

Newest Update

Journal entry by John Ramthun

We are packing up to go home today!!!  We praise God for Josiah and how healthy he is!!!  The docs and nurses say he is not acting like a 36 week old late term preemie - he is doing FANTASTIC!!!!!!!  Sarah is healing very well too!!!  She is moving slowly, but up and moving!!!!  
It will be a slow reentry into life, but we cannot wait to be home after 18 days in the hospital!!!  We were so well taken care of at Sauk Prairie Hospital and then at Meriter!  We can not think of how things go could have gone smoother or better except the situation not happening. 
We praise God for keeping us safe and pray that Josiah Timothy grows to know and love Jesus his entire life.
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