Thoughts & Well Wishes

Gina Merchant | Sep 3, 2018
Hi Ander and family! This is Ashton, Gina, and Derek (and Parker - woof!) We know you are going through a lot right now and are really sick of the hospital. So we want to say how brave you are and how much we can’t wait to see you on Rosebay soon. 

We are holding you deep in our hearts and wish you all the strength and good care in the world. 

Ashton gives you a high five Ander!

With love,

Gina, Derek, Ashton
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Kathy Leitz | Aug 27, 2018
I am so sorry that I have not been back to check on Ander!  Just found out that he is back in the hospital.  I continue to pray for all of you as you journey through the days ahead.  Please know that we both think of you so often and hold you so close in our hearts.  Love, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bob
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Barbara Fanning | Aug 22, 2018
Sarah and Austin- we are sending lots of love your way and prayers for a speedy recovery for the little man. I work from home most Fridays and we are around this weekend if you need help getting Coral to and from school Friday or someone to keep an eye on her this weekend. xo
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Rob Larson | Aug 21, 2018
I woke up several times in the night worrying. The first thing I checked today was this webpage and got some real relief when I saw the good news. Made me smile when you wrote how Ander figured out there’s a sink in the room that supplies water.  Poor little guy. A few months ago I had to go three days without food or water and an IV drip. Sucks.
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Sarah Pierce | Feb 11, 2014
We have a sign in our unit that states, "Promise me you'll always remember that you're braver than your believe, stonger than you seem, and smarter than your think." ~~Christopher Robin to Winne the Pooh

When I look at it, I remember to breath and believe everything will be ok. Love you guys! Take care of yourselfs as the wonderful caregivers with look over your sweet angel.
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