Carson’s Story

Site created on April 2, 2018

Our son Carson was born on August 13, 2018. At our 20-week ultrasound, we learned he had a cleft lip and palate. We have created this website to keep family and friends up to date of what's happening on our medical journey. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Ryan Dorn

Carson’s surgery was very successful! We had a brutally long wait prior to surgery, as the patient in front of us went long, but eventually it was Carson’s turn. Everything went well in the operating room, although it did take more time than expected. 

We were in the hospital for an exhausting night on the 13th and got released late in the afternoon on the 14th, after they saw that Carson was able to bottle feed.

The next 5 days were pretty rough. Lots of pain meds, struggling to eat, and tears. He was able to sleep pretty well and get a lot of rest. Thankfully by Thursday he was drinking almost a full bottle again (a big relief!) and by Friday had rediscovered his voice, and was chattering and laughing. He’s been a champ dealing with wearing mittens- he bats balls around like a kitten and even captures them 2 handed occasionally and attempts to throw it!

We will hopefully take the “safety mitts” off at the end of this coming week. Our follow up with Children’s is Oct 7th.

Thank you for your prayers, all the meals, texts, and care!
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