Honor Axel

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9 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Darlene Sebert & Friends

“Merry Christmas Axel! It's wonderful to have this website to keep up with your progress!”

Gifted by Gary & Kathy Randel

“Axel, your smile is pure magic! We think about you often.”

Gifted by Sarah and Jeremy Sutton

“In honor of Axel Zirbes. Jeremy and I are praying for you guys. Have fun bowling.”
The Auna Family

Gifted by The Auna Family

“In honor of Axel Zirbes and his family and their Jedi Knight throw-down against cancer. Speedy recovery to all hearts and bodies involved!”
Love, Grandma Vonnie & Grandpa Mike

Gifted by Love, Grandma Vonnie & Grandpa Mike

“In honor of Axel Zirbes our little Superman hero”
Bart Barrett and Family

Gifted by Bart Barrett and Family

“In honor of Axel Zirbes- To the toughest kid in the whole world.”

Gifted by Kimberly Z. Hoyle

“In honor of Axel Zirbes”
Ms. Diane Anderson

Gifted by Ms. Diane Anderson

“In honor of Axel Zirbes: Chris just e-mailed; our very best to all of you.”

Gifted by Cormac Hall

“My thoughts are with you guys. Much love xx”