carol alexander|Nov 19, 2019
Jamie and Jeff,
Praise God for your miracle! I know you are relieved beyond words. What a wonderful time for all of you as we begin the Thanksgiving season. Blessings to you and your family. Thank you Lord!.
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Linda Turner|Nov 18, 2019
What a joy to celebrate the good times! Thank you for the update. Even though we are not in touch, I do care about Avery and all those who love her!!
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Shannon Wright|Nov 18, 2019
I cannot even begin to say how happy this post makes me!!! So happy for all the good news! Hi’s and hugs to all! 🥰🥰🥰
Love, Shash
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Michelle Accetta|Nov 18, 2019
Amazing, amazing news - I am so happy for your family. God is so good!
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julie calarco|Nov 18, 2019
What an amazing update. So happy for you guys!!
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Carol Ward Corey|Nov 18, 2019
What wonderful news! Stay strong
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