Thoughts & Well Wishes

bonnie jones | Jan 21, 2019
What a wonderful and exciting update! There are so many truly wonderful and giving people in this world! Avery's Make a Wish Trip was a miracle all of you will always remember.
Keep up the good work little girl. You are very special and very strong. We love all of you so much!
Uncle Donnie and Aunt Bonnie
bonnie jones | Nov 13, 2018
I love this "good news". No doubt progress seems slow sometimes but it sounds to me,that things may be slow, but good! That is the important part. You are all a wonderful and loving Family and some day this will all be a memory. In the meantime....Hang in there and know how much you all are loved and Prayed for by so so many.
With Love,
Uncle Donnie and Aunt Bonnie
Trudy Hamilton | Apr 23, 2018
Dear Avery,
You are a beautiful 4 year old. I loved your Miss Kitty birthday party.
You are a big brave girl! You stay strong and soon you will be feeling a lot better. Mimi and Poppa tell me what a wonderful patient you are. Keep up the good work. Aunt Trudy sends lots of love and get well hugs and kisses to all.
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