Athanasius’s Story

Site created on March 28, 2021

On March 24th, Athanasius Luke Ruf (son of Lisa and Christian Ruf), was found to have a large (softball size) tumor rapidly growing inside him.  From Chippewa Falls, WI, he was sent to the Minneapolis Children's Hospital for further testing and diagnosis.  He has since been diagnosed as having a rhabdoid tumor in his abdomen, but thankfully not in his brain or bone marrow.  The journal entries on this site are intended to provide everyone with regular updates regarding his health status.  

This is not the site where donations can be made to help with anticipated medical expenses.  Any donations made on this website will go to the CaringBridge site itself and not to Lisa and Christian Ruf.  If you wish to donate to Lisa and Christian for Athanasius, then please go to:

Newest Update

Journal entry by Dan Foos

Some fun news for tonight ... Athanasius (Baby A) has his first two teeth!  Apparently, they are nice and sharp too. I can’t see them in the picture, but Lisa assures us they are there!  

Baby A also had a visit from the occupational therapist today who got him some arm exercise by putting toys in front of him and then pulling them away when he reached for them. Lisa said it was a fun game for him and he was laughing.  
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