Journal entry by Ashley bailey

I had a great first week back to work. A lot of students didn’t recognize me at first because of the change in my hair. I got a lot of welcome backs and the majority of students said they thought my new hair looked great! One said they thought I looked even better than before...haha 

My energy level is lower than it used to be and when I get off of work I’m pretty tired but I‘m still feeling good and not pushing it too hard. I have had a really good appetite and have been gaining weight back that I’ve lost. I went in Wednesday for my chemo appointment but my white blood cell count was too low so they rescheduled it to be done on Friday. The stitches from my port surgery are  looking healthy and healing well. Dan blew my mind when he told me that chemo lasted for 5 hours. I thought it only lasted an hour and a half last time so that goes to show how with it I am on chemo days but I should be good to go come Saturday. I will follow up next week. 
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