Journal entry by Ashley bailey

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so grateful to have so many amazing people lifting us up and helping during this journey. I can’t express how thankful I am to work with such an outstanding group of people and to be surrounded by students and community members who have sent cards or made meals for us. We have a wonderful group of friends who check in on us and family who is helping to keep the kids on schedule and occupied. We are so very fortunate! 
I am feeling a lot better than I was over the weekend. I haven’t had much of an appetite since the chemo. I lost 4 pounds since I was last seen but they checked my blood count yesterday and it is looking really good. I talked to my oncologist and he said that he doesn’t think that next Wednesday will be as bad. It was just a lot to have done in a two day span. I am looking forward to going back to work on Monday and seeing everybody again. The partners club from Chugiak brought their Friendsgiving treats to me as a field trip and it was so great to see the students and hear their well wishes. The sophomore student government class made a super warm and amazing fleece blanket and sent it to me, for which I am so thankful for. It is my Dad’s birthday today also so we are going to celebrate his birthday and Thanksgiving with him and my family this year. I might even get to enjoy some of the delicious food! I’ve been drinking a lot of smoothies and easy foods on the stomach lately but I think I’ll try to branch out today while I’m feeling good. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!
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