Journal entry by Ashley bailey

Today was my first day of chemo therapy. After my last post the pain medication from the surgery wore off and oh boy, I could feel it. Today we’ve got the pain managed but I haven’t really slept well for the past two nights. I’d close my eyes but couldn’t really fall asleep. There is just a lot of things happening from the second surgery all at once. It was hard to tell which stinging or burning or pulling was the one causing the worst pain. Dr. Wright left the port access attached because I was going in today to have chemo so now that is out, it feels a little better. The staff was very nice where I got my chemo. My sister and Dan came along to see what it’s all about. They got to watch me be groggy really. Haha it wasn’t super exciting. The nurse gave me something to relax me which made me sleepy. I had weird dreams so I flinched with my arms up while dreaming I was catching someone and I woke myself up by talking. Quite the show I put on I suppose! I will not be able to drive myself to chemo therapy  appointments so I’ll need to find a ride to the ones that Dan won’t be home for but I’ve got time to work on that. I’m home now and I am tired still. I hoping that I’ll be able to get some rest without the port attachments on anymore.
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