Journal entry by Ashley bailey

All done with surgery number 2! It went much faster than the first one. As to be expected, it’s sore but not nearly as bad as the mastectomy. It does feel weird in my neck to turn left and right but I am grateful that I won’t have to do more IVs in my arm.  Dan is spending the day with me which is the highlight of my day. They moved my chemo day up to this Wednesday. That way if I have any issues, they’ll be able to figure it out before the long holiday weekend. Dan will take me to that one. The next one we plan on bringing the kids with us, so they can see what it is they do. That way, it’s not a scary mystery. Tanner has been writing me sweet get better notes when he has free time and Brooke has been drawing me pictures to put up around me. We are so grateful for the love and care everyone has given us, it has certainly made this time much easier. I’ve been reading notes students and staff have sent me and it’s been great! It’s helped me stay positive. It feels like every time I get used to a change it changes again. I’m ready to go back to work and to feel useful again. I picked up some thank you cards and plan on writing them out. If you have sent us a meal or a gift please know I am so thankful and it might take a while, but I will get my thank you notes out soon!
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