Journal entry by Ashley bailey

We had pre op today with Dr. Wright and will have surgery on Thursday October 24th. We went over the genetic tests and it looks like there are 2 genetic mutations but they are not connected to the gene that would cause the cancer to spread to my ovaries or uterus. They are however connected to a higher risk of skin cancer and colon cancer and may have contributed to the cause of the breast cancer. The risk to the kids isn’t high but they would benefit from having the testing run when they get older. We will talk with the genetic counselor after my surgery. As of right now we will not need to have another surgery to remove my ovaries. I am thankful for that. Based off of the last test they got back from the biopsy the oncologist said I will have to go through chemo therapy after surgery but they will be able to get a better customized chemo plan after the final tests they do after surgery. I am taking this coming week off to get all the things I need to feel prepared. I am still feeling optimistic and ready to keep pushing forward.
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