Journal entry by Ashley bailey

Happy Halloween! The kids are excited for today and got to wear their costumes to school today. I went in yesterday for a follow up and my doctor was able to remove the draining tubes. That was extremely uncomfortable but now that they are out I feel more comfortable and I’m able to move around much better. 

Journal entry by Ashley bailey

I was able to go home Friday. It has been nice to be home. I’ve been able to get up and walk around between taking long naps. I sit down and I fall asleep within 5 minutes of sitting. I went in yesterday for my follow up and my doctor said that everything looks to be healing really well. Fingers crossed they’ll remove the draining tubes tomorrow. It would be a lot more comfortable to not have those stitched in anymore. The surgeon said that the lymphs looked good and they didn’t get anything that indicated that the cancer had moved into that area so that’s a huge relief. We will meet with the oncologist tomorrow and we will go over their plan for what happens next. 

Journal entry by Ashley bailey

We had pre op today with Dr. Wright and will have surgery on Thursday October 24th. We went over the genetic tests and it looks like there are 2 genetic mutations but they are not connected to the gene that would cause the cancer to spread to my ovaries or uterus. They are however connected to a higher risk of skin cancer and colon cancer and may have contributed to the cause of the breast cancer. The risk to the kids isn’t high but they would benefit from having the testing run when they get older. We will talk with the genetic counselor after my surgery. As of right now we will not need to have another surgery to remove my ovaries. I am thankful for that. Based off of the last test they got back from the biopsy the oncologist said I will have to go through chemo therapy after surgery but they will be able to get a better customized chemo plan after the final tests they do after surgery. I am taking this coming week off to get all the things I need to feel prepared. I am still feeling optimistic and ready to keep pushing forward.

Journal entry by Ashley bailey

I'm sorry it has been a while since the last update but we had to wait for the MRI and appointment with Dr. Wright. Yesterday's appointment felt pretty positive to me. The MRI showed that the cancer hasn't traveled yet and hasn't gone past the chest wall. The two masses are too large to try to save anything so a double mastectomy is for sure what we will being doing. We are hoping to do the surgery next week but we are waiting on Alaska Regional to get back with my surgeon, to let us know if they have an OR available. I am hoping to hear back by the end of the day on that. They didn't have the result of the genetic test yet but the company said by Friday they will have the results to my doctor. The cancer tested estrogen positive which means it grows with the estrogen in my body. After the surgery I will have to go on a hormonal therapy that suppresses my natural estrogen production for the next 5-10 years. Dr. Wright is hopeful that since we aren't trying to salvage any of the breast tissue that maybe I won't have to follow up with chemo therapy. They will know after the surgery for sure. They will send the tissue that is removed to be further tested and depending on what comes back on the scale, they will determine if chemo is necessary at that point. I am happy to hear that there is a chance that I won't have to follow up with chemo so that was a great possibility to hope for.  During the surgery they will also do some additional testing on the lymph system, if any of it comes back positive they'll remove that tissue as well and test it too. Over all, I feel optimistic after the appointment and I am ready to move forward and away from this chapter in my life. When we know the dates for sure I will let everyone know.

Journal entry by Ashley bailey

Hey everyone, 

     Thank you for taking a moment to stop in and check the page out. I was diagnosed on 9/20/19 with invasive ductal carcinoma which is a form of breast cancer. I had biopsies on two areas which both came back as cancer. Based on the images from the ultra sound and mammogram it looks to be two separate tumors but my doctor is concerned that it could still be connected. If it is connected, the surgeon would like to do chemo first then do a double mastectomy then follow up with more chemo. If they are not connected by any cancerous tissue they would proceed with the surgery then chemo for approx 4-5 months. Another factor we are waiting on, is if the cancer is something that is genetically passed down or if it was just something formed from something else. There is some family history that is missing so we aren't sure which it could be. I had the genetic testing done on the 1st of October. If it is genetic, I will need to also have a hysterectomy and my ovaries removed because the cancer would likely affect those areas of my body as well. I have an MRI on Monday October 14th so they can make sure it hasn't gone past my chest wall and moved into other areas of my body. The following day I will meet with the surgeon to go over all these results and make a plan to move forward.

For those of you who have reached out, I'd like you to know I am very grateful for all your support and great information. I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by so many amazing people.

For those of you who have asked what I need or would like, because of the chemo I will likely loose my hair so some nice beanie hats would be nice. You could go on REI's website and just click on their beanies and you can't go wrong. I do like the ones without the balls on them the best. Nothing expensive either.  Zip up sweaters are another thing I will probably need, again nothing expensive. 

Also to those who have offered to do a meal train, we are very grateful for the offer and once we know the dates we can make a plan. Our daughter Brooke does have a peanut and tree nut allergy so unfortunately anything that contains these can't be in our home. 

Don't feel like you need to provide anything for us, if you just want to check in a say hey, I am grateful for that also.

Again, I am so grateful for all of you and I know this will be something I will get through. I know I am planning on getting through it with humor, hard work, and of course with the help of my husband and two kiddos.
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