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Welcome to my CaringBridge website. I am using this keep everyone updated in one place over the next 6 months. I will also share experiences throughout treatment in hopes of offering support to other warriors who may need information in the future. I welcome you to visit often, ask questions and continue to pray and share your positive thoughts! Your messages and support on what has been a twelve year journey thus far have been appreciated more then you know!  Thank you for visiting and continuing to do so! 
Profile photos were taken by Marliese Marie who has been photographing my daughter for years and has become a dear friend. Please check her out on Facebook and Instagram

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Journal entry by April Atkinson

Well here we are, the end of 2019 and the end of a decade. If I’m being honest, I can’t wait for the fresh start. A chance to reset is refreshing. I don’t bother writing down resolutions persay, but more of a bullet list of what I would like to accomplish in personal growth and overall health. Top of the list of course remission! However, this year, not only for me but for my other two family members who have also been diagnosed with cancer in the past two months. Yes, you read that right, my aunt and also my uncle have been diagnosed with cancer. Pray for their health as well. Not sure what karma or voodoo is against us currently but we are fighters and I am glad to be a resource of knowledge and experience for my family. it’s also been a good teaching opportunity for my girls about always going to your doctor appointments and always speaking up when something doesn’t feel right. I’m sad that it’s something they will always have to be worried about as they become women. 

The best way to put out positivity in the universe is to plan for the future and I did just that. We booked a cruise leaving from Barcelona in July 2021. You read that right - 2021! That’s 17 months to save and plan. I turn 40 that April and Sam and I celebrate our anniversary on the last day of the trip. I WILL be on that boat - so listen up universe, I’m hanging out a while! Deal with it...

This marks treatment round number 5 with only one more left to go. Currently my recent CT doesn’t show much except an enlarged spleen and liver. That’s our talking point for this weeks appointment to determine what to do about that and if it’s treatment related or something else. Otherwise CT looked good but the big test will be our PET Scan 4 weeks after my last round. That will be our answer. 

I took time to reflect more this holiday, to be sure I was fully present in each moment. Something I’m trying to do more of in 2020. Time is so precious and seems to be going by faster and faster each year. Taking a second to slow down is hard, but essential. 

Here’s to remission, not just for me, but for all three of us and the others I see each months in the treatment room. May we all ring the bell in 2020 and say goodbye to cancer. To you, my friends and family, I wish you peace and cherished memories throughout the year. Remember to stop and take it all in - before the year is gone! Cheers 🥂 

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