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AOL Desktop Gold is a centralized tool for accessing all the requirements a user wants at a computer. AOL Desktop Gold allows a user to access all the services offered by AOL. This software has spent some time in the market now and sue to its outstanding features people all around the world love this software.

There is no denying that AOL Desktop Gold is a fabulous software and it gives an all in one facility to users. It allows a user to browse on the internet, access emails, listen to music, and stream audios/videos. But in certain situations when users try to AOL Desktop Gold Download or try to Update AOL Desktop Gold, they face difficulties.

Some common errors which cause AOL Desktop Gold download issue

·       Error 104

Your computer screen shows this error when you try to download or install AOL Desktop Gold. Symptoms of this error are:

o   Error 104 shows on your computer screen.

o   System freezes for a short time, continuously.

o   The computer response slowly to any command.

·       Virus or Malware action

When there is a virus or any suspicious file in your computer it causes problems while downloading and installing AOL Desktop Gold. When you download AOL Desktop Gold computer screen freezes or work slow.

·       HDD Space

HDD cause downloading or installing error when the HDD space is very low. In that case, you should remove some unwanted files from your computer.

·       Corruption in the windows registry

When the windows registry is corrupt i.e. if the window is not completely installed. It can cause an issue when you will try to download and install AOL Desktop Gold.

·       System compatibility

When your computer doesn’t meet the system requirement it will cause an issue when you will try to AOL Desktop Gold on your computer. So, you should ensure that your computer meets the system requirements.

All these causing factors or issue can be solved with some troubleshooting steps and get the assistance of AOL customer care executives. These experts are always available to solve the AOL Desktop Gold error.


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