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Journal entry by Susan Pettis

Good morning friends.  To all those who we were blessed to have with us yesterday, thank you for coming.  And to those many of you who were there in spirit, we felt your presence.  

I am pasting below the closing comments from Ann's eulogy that were written by her dear friend Tom Rosshirt.  They are profound, thought provoking words which were so beautifully put together out of love for Ann.     

That, in the end, was Ann’s highest purpose and passion – creating a beloved community where everyone knows everyone, everyone loves everyone, and we all come together in communion.   That’s when Ann was most fulfilled.  That’s when we could see her shining with happiness – when she was able to create a joyous gathering of happy souls. 

So Ann should feel at home in her new home – because the purpose of heaven is joyous reunion, and the purpose of Ann’s life was creating heaven on earth.

She has found her full measure of happiness now.  But what about us?  It’s hard not to feel diminished with her absence.  If the sum of our power is the number of people in our lives who love us, who encourage us, who believe in us and will fight for us, then all of us here are less powerful today – because we all lost someone who would do anything for us.  

Unlesssomehow – the change that’s taken place upon Ann’s leaving the earth doesn’t diminish us, but enhances us. 


Ann has always helped us by asking for favors from friends in high places.  But she’s never before risen this high!  

So we might see more blessings coming to us, moments of grace we can’t explain -- the chance meetings, the precious surprises, the unexpected gifts that come into our lives.  They may be more numerous than before.  She has always used her connections to help us -- and now she is connected to the source of all kindness.  Her giving won’t end with her dying.  It will go on.  It will rise up.  She will do more than before.  Ann is relentless.  She is irrepressible.  Her affection, her loyalty, her dedication, her devotion are undying.  She is not done loving us. 


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