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July 10, 2020

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve given an update because nothing has really changed. I have labs done once or twice a week and get blood transfusions when my hemoglobin is low. I’ve now received a total of 16 units of blood since this all started. The doctors still don’t know what’s causing the hemolytic anemia. I had a treatment today and they held one of the two meds to see if that may be causing the problems. I see the oncologist again in a few weeks. Hopefully my numbers will start going up before then. I also see a new surgeon in a couple of weeks. My first surgeon took a personal LOA and I have been referred to a new surgeon. My oncologist and the new surgeon have already talked and are working together to get me stable enough for surgery. I really want to get the surgery done so I can have a definitive cancer free diagnosis.

The past week has been full of emotional ups and downs with my dog passing, the unexpected passing of a work friend and my youngest daughter getting married. I’ve shed lots of tears and smiled until my cheeks hurt. I got to spend time with family and I had all three of girls together for the first time in months. Although I don’t always feel great, everyday is a blessing. 

Thank you to all who have visited over the past few weeks. Thank you Beth for the Starbucks delivery and chit chat. You know I always love our talks. Thank you Kristi for the gift card. I like to treat myself to Starbucks when I’m out for dr appointments or labs so it will definitely get used. A big thank you to all the anonymous blood donors who are keeping me going right now. I am so grateful for every drop of blood I receive. I feel so much better for several days after each blood transfusion. As always, thank you for the cards, texts, and prayers. 

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