Honor Ann

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“In honor of Ann Kohl - who loved life, family and friends. She inspired us all.”

— Ziggy

“Ann and John, We hope the radiation helps with the pain. Our thoughts & prayers continue to be with you. Please call on us if we can help in any way!”

— The Simms Family

“In honor of Ann Kohl (and John) for their devotion to each other and their inspiration to all of us.”

— Fred and Roberta Schauer

“In honor of Ann Kohl, Keep up the fight, here is wishing you a happy safe Christmas in Florida, or where ever you celebrate. God Bless”

— Ken & Sandy Queen

“In honor of Ann Kohl”

— Ray and Janet Fischer MOC

“In honor of Ann Kohl. You are held close to our hearts. Keep strong. Blessings to you and John.”

— George and Rosetta Person

“In honor of our friend, Ann.”

— Paul & Pam

“In honor of Ann Kohl. Keep on being strong. Hope to meet you both soon.”

— Steve Adams

“In honor of Ann Kohl (and John) for their friendship and inspirational story. Betty and Steve”

— Stephen R. Senderovitz

“In honor of Ann Kohl - Leading the way to the cure and inspiration of others!”

— William J. Ziegler