Honor Ann

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Gifted by Ziggy

“In honor of Ann Kohl - who loved life, family and friends. She inspired us all.”

Gifted by The Simms Family

“Ann and John, We hope the radiation helps with the pain. Our thoughts & prayers continue to be with you. Please call on us if we can help in any way!”

Gifted by Fred and Roberta Schauer

“In honor of Ann Kohl (and John) for their devotion to each other and their inspiration to all of us.”
Ken & Sandy Queen

Gifted by Ken & Sandy Queen

“In honor of Ann Kohl, Keep up the fight, here is wishing you a happy safe Christmas in Florida, or where ever you celebrate. God Bless”

Gifted by Ray and Janet Fischer MOC

“In honor of Ann Kohl”

Gifted by George and Rosetta Person

“In honor of Ann Kohl. You are held close to our hearts. Keep strong. Blessings to you and John.”
Paul & Pam

Gifted by Paul & Pam

“In honor of our friend, Ann.”

Gifted by Steve Adams

“In honor of Ann Kohl. Keep on being strong. Hope to meet you both soon.”

Gifted by Stephen R. Senderovitz

“In honor of Ann Kohl (and John) for their friendship and inspirational story. Betty and Steve”
William J. Ziegler

Gifted by William J. Ziegler

“In honor of Ann Kohl - Leading the way to the cure and inspiration of others!”