Honor Anne

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38 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Katherine A. Dayton

“In Anne's memory, from Aunt Kathy.”

Gifted by Gail T. Kohll

“In Loving Memory of Anne Lewandowski Notch”

Gifted by Jeanie Curlo

“In honor of Anne Notch, from Jim & Jeanie Curlo”

Gifted by Annovi Reverberi

“In honor of Anne Notch”

Gifted by Cheri Keitges

“In honor of Anne Notch, an amazing soul.”

Gifted by Mrs. Lyndi Munro

“In honor of Anne Notch, who was a true inspiration.”

Gifted by Gayle Smith

“In honor of Anne Notch, from Gayle Smith & Bryan Watkins”

Gifted by Anne Notch's Neighborhood

“In honor of you, Anne from your neighbors.”

Gifted by Karla Santi

“In honor of an amazing fighter, Anne Notch.”

Gifted by Mrs. Traci Kugler

“In honor of Anne Notch”