Honor Anne

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38 Tribute Donations

“In Anne's memory, from Aunt Kathy.”

— Katherine A. Dayton

“In Loving Memory of Anne Lewandowski Notch”

— Gail T. Kohll

“In honor of Anne Notch, from Jim & Jeanie Curlo”

— Jeanie Curlo

“In honor of Anne Notch”

— Annovi Reverberi

“In honor of Anne Notch, an amazing soul.”

— Cheri Keitges

“In honor of Anne Notch, who was a true inspiration.”

— Mrs. Lyndi Munro

“In honor of Anne Notch, from Gayle Smith & Bryan Watkins”

— Gayle Smith

“In honor of you, Anne from your neighbors.”

— Anne Notch's Neighborhood

“In honor of an amazing fighter, Anne Notch.”

— Karla Santi

“In honor of Anne Notch”

— Mrs. Traci Kugler