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Site created on January 24, 2018

In December Ann was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She was at MD Anderson before Christmas and her care team put together a plan. Chemotherapy for two months in Fayetteville, followed by a re-evaluation at the end of February. She will hopefully be scheduled at that time for her pancreaticoduodenectomy (whipple) surgery. This is a very difficult time for Ann and her family but she is clinging as she always has to the strength and grace of God and the love of her family as well as the stubborn fortitude that has carried her through much. Thank you for your prayers and for joining Ann on her journey.   We know that everyone is very eager to help Ann but at this time we ask that a meal train not be set up due to dietary restrictions.  

Newest Update

Journal entry by Hannah Salmonson

Sit down and grab Kleenex.
The pathology on Ann's cancer came back: 40% of the cancer was already dead from just her little bit of chemo, there was no cancer in any of her lymph nodes. ITS NOT PANCREATIC CANCER. It's ampullary cancer which has much higher survival rates. Whipple surgery and chemo treatment plan is the same as pancreatic cancer- just with MUCH better outcome. She is going to live.
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