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April 28, 2020

1st day of phase 2 in the books. I had a live, in person appointment with my oncologist. A rarity during covid. The good news is that the largest of the tumors has shrunken significantly! The scariest part was not fully knowing what to expect or how my body would react. For instance , I didn’t realize that one of the big concerns was allergic reactions and that they would put benedryl and one other antihistamine in my IV because of this. Pumping it straight into my blood stream meant my eyelids were starting to droop within 10 minutes. I’m not very good at napping. Especially in a room filled with other patients, nurses and beeping machines. So me drifting off was quite impressive. But then came the ice. I knew that they would be icing my fingers and toes to prevent neuropathy but didn’t know the details. It wasn’t as bad as I expected and only took 1 of the almost 4 hours I was there today. But no dizziness like in phase 1!!! That made me happy. 

I’m to expect muscle pain and soreness this week. But there’s no way to know how much or when. Again with the unknown. That said, I’m also to expect my hair to start growing back in a month or two! That’s super exciting. 

Thank you to everyone that has provided meals on my chemo days. We really appreciate the help. Steve has been doing a great job feeding us the rest of the week, but it’s so nice to lower the pressure on these days. For those of you still interested in providing dinner but missed the sign up link before, here it is - https://mealtrain.com/kl79m0 
No expectations. We all have issues we’re dealing with these days. Time, money and isolation are hitting us all in surprising ways during this pandemic. Please take care of you and your family 1st and foremost. 

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