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Gifted by Barbara J. Redford

“Your spirit lives on”

Gifted by Rick Bibb

“Anna's journey is an inspiration to all who were a part of it. My encouragement to all her friends who gave so much of themselves to her.”

Gifted by RHS Class of 1982

“In honor of Anna Basso”
yvonne holman

Gifted by yvonne holman

“In honor of Anna Basso and this wonderful site that kept us all connected. Holmans”

Gifted by Kara Manza

“In honor of Anna Basso: Dearest Carol: You are constantly on my heart and in my prayers. All my love...Grace and Peace”

Gifted by The Galper family

“In honor of Anna Basso...”
KE and Cooky Newell

Gifted by KE and Cooky Newell

“In honor of Anna Basso”

Gifted by Will and Christa Thomas

“In honor of Anna Basso - now in the Lord's arms and whose life continues through family and many friends she blessed, inspired, and loved so well.”
The Reese Family

Gifted by The Reese Family

“In honor of Anna! You will be greatly missed but forever remembered!! You are in God's hands now, love.”

Gifted by The Loppatto Family

“In honor of Anna Basso”