Honor Anja

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28 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Al & Karol Spencer

“For Anja”

Gifted by Don Reed

Gifted by Cindy and Howard Pedlikin

“In memory of Anja Lodge. Cindy and I think of her often. We treasure the friendship she showed and believe that she and Dick indeed had something special!”

Gifted by Deb & Turk Lewis

“In honor of Anja Lodge.”

Gifted by Marjorie Meek

“What a gift to have Anja as a friend.”

Gifted by Nancy Groth & Max Arens

“In honor of Anja Lodge.”
Pam Ogborn

Gifted by Pam Ogborn

“In honor of Anja Lodge”

Gifted by Addie Smith, Beth Gunter, Elizabeth Chen, Katherin

Gifted by Bob and Carol Ogrodnik

“In memory of Anja Lodge.”

Gifted by Missouri Tartan Day Festivities

“In honor of Anja Lodge. She was an upstanding member of the St. Louis Scottish Community and will be missed by all.”