Journal entry by Jake Downs

Today, June 9th, is Angie's 44th birthday! This is her second birthday with lung cancer.  This year, we are making the most of celebrating her special day at home with our kids as we remain essentially self-quarantined for Angie's protection. A lot has happened with her treatment and condition since our last post, so I wanted to bring everyone up to date.   

Unfortunately, the clinical trial Angie started in April was unsuccessful. She had progression in several lymph nodes and, consequently, was removed from the trial. We attempted to enroll Angie in another cutting edge trial known as TIL, which is somewhat similar to CAR-T except for solid tumors.  While that treatment seemed exciting and promising, the trial would not accept Angie because she exceeded their criteria for the number of prior treatments.  Disheartening to say the least. 

After conferring with her oncologists in Seattle and Boston last week, we implemented our backup plan of chemotherapy and a monoclonal antibody.  Last Friday, she received her first doses of Docetaxel and Ramucurimab, which will continue every three weeks for the next 15 weeks. So far, she's been tolerating the treatment fairly well.  The primary side effect has been constant fatigue.  Hair loss will follow around week 3. The good news is that the chemo seems to have already helped with what were becoming very serious cough, swallowing, and pain issues. Ever the trooper,  Angie led us on a family bike ride just hours after her first dose of chemo--pics are attached. 

While we are very hopeful that the chemo will provide her with several months of effective treatment, it is not a cure and will not work forever. So we continue to search for suitable clinical trials and other treatment options we can switch to when the time comes. Please continue to send Angie your positive thoughts, prayers, and love!
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