Journal entry by Ashley Garner


Today marks 2 weeks since Angel entered the gates of Heaven. Anslee, myself and our entire family are thankful for every single act of love and kindness expressed by all of you. Things have slowed down and people have gone about their lives. We have a few that check in often just to see how we are doing or if we need anything. We are grateful for you! Anslee and I are taking each day one step at a time. There is a huge part of our lives changed forever and for me there is an “emptiness” that is unexplainable. Anslee is amazingly positive and strong! She gets that from her sweet momma and I am certain that Angel is very proud of her! Anslee reminds me daily to seek positive and enjoy “today” along with being kind and grateful. I once said that God did not send me here equipped to loose my wife. God sent me here equipped to believe and have faith. That faith carries me and my family through each day! We find peace knowing that Angel is no longer battling cancer and that she is made whole and perfect by the grace of God and his Glory!
We miss Angel terribly and the loss is felt every min of every day but we want you all to know that we are “ok”. We are blessed and thankful for our own health, faith and the answered prayers that provide peace, strength and courage!
Love you all,
-Mike and Anslee 
💫💛🎗FAITH over fear 🎗💛💫

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