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March 22, 2019

🔴UPDATE🔴 🙏🏻PRAYERS NEEDED🙏🏻 ➡️Please Share! Hi everyone! Angel started her new chemo on Wednesday March 13th. That evening while getting her ready for a shower we noticed a rash that ended up being Shingles. This past Wednesday she was supposed to get another round of chemo with two different types (Gemzar and Taxotere) Because of her counts she was only able to get the lessor of the two which is Gemzar. They lowered her dose to 75%. On Thursday she was finally able to get a neulasta shot to boost her levels back up for a few days. Last night she ran a low grade fever and this morning her fever was 104(+). We were sent to Glenwood ER where we had great care and was admitted. They have run many tests and cultures. Initially pneumonia was the biggest concern. Now they believe that it may just be a small case of colitis. Regardless, it’s bacterial and will be treated with the same protocol and meds. This is not how we prayed this first round of chemo would go. We know that Angel is very chemo sensitive. Her levels drop quickly because she has had some of the strongest chemo known to mankind..... and a lot of it! This is a bump in the road. We choose to continue seeing the good in our journey and walking by faith and trust in our lord Jesus! We are grateful that we have good care here in WM. We are grateful that Anslee was able to be home this weekend to spend time with us. We are grateful for each of you that pray for us and stand in the gap! We are most grateful that Jesus has already overcome the world and therefore we can overcome these small battles! Please pray for a quick recovery, pray the new chemo is destroying the sarcoma cells in Angels body. Pray for peace, strength, joy and healing! We love you all! 💫💫FAITH over fear💫💫 💫💫Angels Army 💫💫

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