BJ Tassin|Oct 2, 2018
Continued daily prayers for you Angel. Love that you got to be with your family this past weekend . Yes, getting to be with loved ones helps strengthen us and makes the fight worth fighting. May you have peace in your heart knowing so many of us are standing strong in faith and believing for the very best for you as you start round 4.
I’m already thanking God for what he has done and will continue to do in your life , through to complete healing.
May He bless you and your family, especially your daughter. What a blessing to get to be with her for her 18th birthday!
Take care now,
BJ. Tassin
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Rhonda Griffin|Sep 29, 2018
So thankful she could make the trip
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Linda Hawsey|Sep 29, 2018
Happy Birthday Anslee!! So thankful to
GOD for giving Angel the blessing of traveling to celebrate her baby girl’s big day!
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Cindi Henagan|Sep 29, 2018
I’m so happy to see this! Happy Birthday Anslee and good luck on Bid day!! Glad ya’ll could all be together!
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Susan Placke|Sep 29, 2018
Happy birthday, Ainslie!! So sorry if I misspelled your name!! I’m so happy you have your family with you today!! Have a wonderful day and give your mom a hug from me! Love and prayers always!!❤️🙏
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Mary Platt|Sep 29, 2018
Happy Birthday Anslee!!! So glad you are all having a family weekend celebration!
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Leslie Lawrence Scott|Sep 29, 2018
Hope yalll have a wonderful
Weekend celebrating! Love y’all!
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KIm Book|Sep 29, 2018
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Anslee!!!! I hope y’all have a great weekend full of celebration!!!
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