Journal entry by Ashley Garner

A cord of 3 strands is not easily broken 
Ecclesiastes 4:12
From a little family of 3 to an Army of friends and family to stand in the gap.... we are so thankful, grateful, humbled, amazed and touched by the support, prayers, positive messages and every bit of kindness, small or large!  We love and appreciate each of you!  Angels journey to healing will be a bumpy road full of loops and turns.  We stand strong in our faith and trust in God’s plan.  We will prevail and give every ounce of glory to our GOD!  The testimony that God is building for our family will be shared and change lives for years to come!  Just sharing Angels motto “FAITH over fear” is changing and touching lives already!  Please share Angels “Faith over Fear” Facebook page for awareness and updates.  Please share Angels “GoFundMe” page for those that are able to make financial donations.  No amount is too small.  Please share Angels name and prayer needs with ANY and EVERY praying person or church you know or have access to! Pray for strength, peace, joy and healing!  We are a praying family and believe that God hears the cry’s of his children!
With Love, God Bless you All!
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Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Angel has finished round 2 of her chemo treatment and has returned to the apartment for the upcoming weeks. Pray that her counts stay at a level where she can continue to rest at the apartment. Continue to pray for healing and strength.

FAITH Over fear
Angel’s Army 

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Angel started round 2 of Chemo at 2am. We need all our pray warriors out in full force as we start the 2nd phase of her treatment.  The side effects of chemo are starting so extra prayers to get through these changes are needed as well. She is my hero, our hero and we love her BIG. Please continue to pray for her healing and strength as she fights and WINS this battle. The devil picked the wrong family.

We are Angel’s Army
FAITH Over fear

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

We just left Ans Pans and now headed home..As we all cried, hugged and told her how proud we are of her, we also laughed and talked about the next time we will see her. Angel and Mike have raised an amazing young lady. We have left a very big piece of our hearts in Oxford, and we pray that she embraces and enjoys this next chapter in her life. 

We love you BIG Ans Pans

Angel has had a good weekend, but I ask you to pray for safe travels and comfort. Angel will start Round 2 of chemo on Monday. 

FAITH Over fear

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Today is the day that we will take Anslee to Oxford. This has been one of the most,if not the most, important thing for Angel to be able to do. 

Angel is still having some pain, but her nausea has subsided. Of course she is tired and weak, but NOTHING was going to keep her from taking Ans Pans to school. She is an amazing mom, wife, sister, teacher, friend, FIGHTER, and the STRONGEST person we know.Like I said before, the devil messed with the wrong Person,the wrong Family, and the wrong community. 

Today will start the next chapter for Anslee and she has worked hard for this and we are so proud of her. Emotions are high as expected but hearts are also filled with happiness. 

I ask that you stop and pray that today and the next few days will be the best for Angel. I ask that you pray for safe travels, for all helping with the move. Pray for Angel, Mike, Anslee, and the family, that they will be filled with peace and happiness this weekend as we embrace this chapter. 

Going yellow for Sarcoma
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Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Last night around 10:30pm Angel spiked
a fever, when that happens we have to go to the ER. They immediately started vitals, labs, xray, and iv antibiotics. Her heart rate was extremely high and her lab work showed some levels were not where they should be. They kept her for more observation and we are still in the hospital.
So prayer warriors we need to have heart rate to to slow down, her levels to balance and for her to feel just a little bit better. Next week Anslee heads to Oxford for school. Angel will has more labs and test on Monday and we need all that to come back good so she can be released to take Anslee to school.. 

The Power of Prayer, along with having our FAITH bigger than our fear and having all of Angel’s Army fighting this battle with us, we will WIN.. 
Angel’s Story

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Angel is leaving Wednesday July 18, 2018 for MD Anderson for further testing and diagnosis. Please help us gather Angel’s Army to battle the weeks ahead! Thank you so much for continued prayers.