Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Please pray!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Critical Prayer Request! Please pray specifically that we get good scan results today and that this awful chemo is killing the tumor.  Also pray that the tumor is and will remain confined to the knee area!  
Please copy, send, post and add to any prayer warriors you know!  
Love you all!
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Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Pray for Angel and Mike as they travel back to Houston. Having them home for a few days was AMAZING.  She helped Jase with asking Sydney to Homecoming.

Anslee was in oxford and did the Freshman Rebel Run.. 
It was all around a great weekend...

Round#3 will start late tomorrow. Pray for her to have minimal side affects.. 

Thank you to everyone that stopped by to visit and brought food.. 

I still have yellow bracelets, $5.00/each..

FAITH Over fear
Angels Army 

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Angel felt good this weekend, a little tired but for the most part she felt good. She had a lot of visitors and she loved it.. Ans Pans, Jase, Jax, Clay, drew and myself.. It’s the little things that make a difference. We all gathered in their room and bed on Sunday to watch the Live Stream from Christ Church, we colored lots of pictures to put on her wall, we talked to laughed we stayed up til 3:30am. It was a great weekend... Even though it was only 2 days, it felt good getting to see her and love on her and aggravate her.. 

Leaving is always hard but we all did good this time.... we love you Yaya and Mikee..

Faith over fear
Angel’s Army

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

First post for September..

We have been talking about this weekend for several weeks now.. Ans Pans came in last night from Oxford,and we are all going to Houston to see Angel to hang out. 
Anslee is already there and we are on our way.....

Angel was feeling better, so I’m going to ask for prayers.  I ask that you please stop and pray that she continues to feel better and better each day and we enjoy this weekend to the fullest..Trips like this one make a difference for everyone. 

Sick or not sick EVERYONE needs encouragement, love and support from time to time. So, what better way to show her and Mike how much we love and miss them, than in person... 

Angel’s Army

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Asking for continued prayed for angel. She will have a blood transfusion tomorrow, it will take about 6 hours. Her counts have gotten real low so they will go ahead and do the transfusion tomorrow. We will all be in Houston this weekend including Ans Pans..We can’t predict how she will feel, we don’t know if she will need transfusions all we know is that we are Fighting hard and Winning this battle.
Nothing stops her fight, we don’t like all that she has gone through, but we know we have to trust the process. Our FAITH is BIGGER than our fear... 

We would like to thank everyone for the continued prayers, and always reminding Mike and Angel that they are loved. 

Also we have yellow rubber bracelets, thank you Jennifer.. They are attached below, $5/each. 

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Angel has blood work this morning to check all of her levels. I ask that you pray for all good results and that they take her bag of fluids she has had to have since Monday.  She has been eating a little more and starting to feel better. Saturday she should start feeling a lot better. That starts her “good” week.  

Never take a single day for granted, love with all you are, give with all you have, and be all the good you are suppose to be...  


Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Ok prayer warriors.... We need immediate prayers that angel can get hydrated and that her kidney levels come up. She was sent home with a bag to administer fluids and will repeat labs on Tuesday and Wednesday.. 

This is her “bad week” but we have to get her hydrated... 

#FAITH Over fear

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Angel is leaving Wednesday July 18, 2018 for MD Anderson for further testing and diagnosis. Please help us gather Angel’s Army to battle the weeks ahead! Thank you so much for continued prayers.