Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Pet scan results on Monday were not what we hoped for.  The inside of the tumor is dying but the outside is growing and it’s aggressive. They didn't get to come home as planned..Angel will start a new chemo on Wednesday.  The surgery will be put off until we know the results of the new chemo.

This is just a little bump in the road, so we ask for you’re continued prayers. So pray specifically that the new chemo Destroys the tumor... 

This was Angel waiting this morning to start the new chemo and she stops and is praying for Mike..

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Specific Prayer Request:  please post and share with anyone who prays!
Angel will have a Pet Scan this morning at 10am.  Please pray specifically that the last two rounds of chemo have miraculously killed her tumor 100%.  Pray that the tumor is and will continue to remain confined to her knee area and that the brightness of the scan will be “0” in Jesus Name!
Love you all! 🙏🏻❤️
💫💫Faith over fear💫💫
💫💫Angel’s Army 💫💫

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Update: LONG POST!! Read to the last line!!!!

Hi everyone! It’s been some time since we have posted updates on the site. The Caring-bridge has given a few glimpses along the way. Angel is feeling a little better each day as the last week of round 4 and “phase 1” start to come to an end. When our amazing Doctor (Dr.Ravin Ratan) said that the first 4 rounds of chemo were the strongest known treatment plans available, he wasn’t bluffing. It was tough on Angel, tough on our family, our friends and everyone who is reading this post. There were some dark days where only our faith could shed enough light to move us forward. Angel and I have prayed in a way that is much different than ever before. We pray for things that we once took for granted like : peace, joy, strength, courage, health and grace. Of course we pray and claim healing in Jesus name over Angel. We pray for all those around us. We pray that some of you who are reading this post are closer to God today through our journey and Angel’s fight. God has answered many prayers along the way. We know that God is working on our family. We also know that God is working THROUGH our family. After Anslee settled into Oxford, she found a bible study group and an amazing church service to attend. She text Me and Angel one night and said she had been praying and asking God why her mom was having to fight cancer. She said God answered her prayer that night and told her that he wanted “Faith over fear” to be spread and heard! We wanted non believers to believe. Our family is broken and weak right now but our faith in the plan of of Lord is stronger than ever! We truly believe that he wants us to spread his living word and build the relationship and faith of others! I was listening to a Christian pod cast that said everyone wants a miracle but no one wants to be in the position to truly need a miracle. Think about that! God puts us right where we need to be so that he can show others his miraculous favor through us! 
“Phase 2” of Angels Journey to healing will be surgery to remove her tumor. During the removal, a special team of orthopedic oncologist, plastic surgeons and others will complete a resection and reconstruction of angels knee and femur. The surgery is quite extensive and quite simply “amazing”. The surgery is a “big deal” and there will be some tough times during rehab and recovery. Phase 2 will begin on Nov 9th. Between now and then there will be scans, tests, MRI’s and a few other appointments. We will ask for specific prayers along the way! We believe in the power of prayer! 
For now we wish to honor what we feel Gods message and plan for us is at this point in our Journey! I challenge each of you to share this post and invite others to like our page. Please post “Faith over Fear” as your status. Post pics, bible versus. Spread the word! Help us build a strong “Army”! If this message helps one or one thousand.... we will give all the glory to God! 
We are grateful for each and every one of you!
We Love you!

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

First of all I promise to do better on updates..

Angel started Round 4 of chemo on Wednesday Oct 3rd and got out of the hospital yesterday. She will complete round 4 on October 23rd.. A complete round/cycle of chemo is 21 days.  Please continue to pray for minimal side effects, this week is the week her counts drop so please continue to pray..

After this phase is complete I will update about phase 2...  SHE IS FEARLESS..

I have attached a picture of a post that Anslee made on instagram along with the picture. It is beautiful and just a reminder that we are all in this journey.

Please continue to pray for Ans Pans and Mike. The Devil messed with the wrong family.. 

FAITH Over fear..

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

We would like to wish Ans Pans a very Happy Happy 18th Birthday. 

We have all gathered here in Oxfrord to celebrate Anslee.. 

Angel is doing good and ready to start Round 4 of chemo on Monday.. 

Family makes it all better..

FAITH Over fear....

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Just 5 more days and Round 3 will be OVER. 

Please continue to pray for minimal side effects as Angel completes Round 3 and moves on to ROUND 4.... After she finishes round 4, that will complete phase 1..  

She is Strong and Courageous and she will WIN this Battle.. Keep the prayers and positive vibes coming, as we all walk with her through this Journey.  

FAITH Over Everything, because we have No Fear... 

I still have some Angel’s Army Yellow bracelets left. Call or text me if you still haven’t bought one...

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

FAITH Over fear

First of all, I would like to say, Thank You to everyone for sending me and sharing with us your pictures/posts supporting Angel. Seeing all the pictures/post with your Faith over fear shirts, Mr. P’s Tees, 
 Warrior Over Worrier shirts and showing off your Angel’s Army Bracelets makes her heart smile.  Her story had created the beginning of her testimony and has encouraged, pushed and reminded so many people to keep fighting. It also reminds her that she has the biggest and best support group at home seeing her through this battle. So please keep posting and sending to us.  

Please continue to pray for minimal side effects..









Journal entry by Ashley Garner

We ask for Continued prayers as Angel goes through the next 2 weeks to complete round 3 of chemo the onto Round 4. 

She is battling throug the side effects.

Her spirits have been up as we get closer to the next phase of her treatmemt plan.

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Angel started Round 3 of chemo on Monday Sept 10th, and was discharged today. She has felt ok so for on this Chemo cycle.  Has she been nauseated and sick so please continue to pray for minimal side efforts from the chemo. 

Sheryl and I came to Houston last night and stayed with angel.  Thank you Mike for letting us be there.. 

It’s been a good weekend by just being here, but the next week is her “bad” week. So we need all of our prayer Warriors to pray, pray and pray. We ask for continued prayers as she fights this battle..

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Pet scan brightness went from a 27 to a 17.  Doctor says he would like to see better numbers but we will take it.  Tumor remains confined and unchanged in size.  We have been cleared for round 3.. Good report!

Please continue to Pray because they are working.... 

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Angel is leaving Wednesday July 18, 2018 for MD Anderson for further testing and diagnosis. Please help us gather Angel’s Army to battle the weeks ahead! Thank you so much for continued prayers.