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UPDATE!  Please Share!
Thank you for all the prayers!  God showed up today and really showed us who has the ultimate power and control!
Surgery was a success.  We still have a 3-5 day critical period for success.  Prosthesis looks good.  Said it was a tough surgery!  Margins look good.  Will be in a lot of pain and rehab will be tough!  Gonna be hard road ahead.  No weight bearing or knee movement.  Please pray for quick healing and pain relief!  We are so blessed and have “WON” this day!  We are grateful to have each of you standing in the gap for us and flooding Heavens gates with prayer!  
We love you all!
💫💫 Faith over fear 💫💫
💫💫Angel’s Army💫💫

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

IMMEDIATE Prayers Needed!  
Tomorrow morning at 7:00 am Angel will go into surgery with possibly the best team in the world for the surgery she is having!  
As you lay your heads down tonight and rise in the morning to begin your Friday, I ask that each of you pray specifically for Angel, her Medical Team, the nurses, our family and friends!  Pray specifically for peace and courage!  Pray specifically that her tumor has NOT damaged her nerves or blood vessels in her knee! - THIS IS CRITICAL!  Please pray for 100% clear margins, complete removal of all cancer and tumor cells and no side effects from the procedure.  
We LOVE you all!
💫💫Faith over fear 💫💫
💫💫Angel’s Army 💫💫

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

UPDATE 12/26/2018
We were so blessed to spend 9 days at home in WM for Christmas!  It was much needed time and was really good for Angel!  While at home we had a few issues with Angels kidney function.  It was monitored daily and kept creeping up.  Today her Nephrologist requested that she come back to Houston to be admitted at MD Anderson to see what’s causing the Creatnine increases.  It was hard to say goodbye to everyone on such a short notice.  We made it to MD Anderson about 7pm tonight and Angel is in her room resting.  We meet with our team tomorrow to see what needs to be done to help.
🙏🏻🙏🏻We would appreciate specific prayers that her Creatnine comes down quickly and there is no permanent kidney damage!🙏🏻🙏🏻
Our time home was filled with absolute joy and love!  We both soaked up every single min.  Thank you to all our friends and family who took time to come by and visit!  Thank you to our close family for all the food and help!  We are truly appreciative!  We wish each and every one of you the happiest of New Years and praying that 2019 is filled with GOD’s grace and blessings for all!
💫💫Faith over fear💫💫
💫💫Angels Army 💫💫

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Happy Belated Anniversary to Mike and Angel.... 20years yesterday. The below is mike's post to angel... :)

Sappy Anniversary Post! I encourage you to read it! 
Wishing my super hot wife a super happy 20th anniversary! 20 years ago on this day I stood scared to death in front of our friends and family! The preacher was southern baptist and read from the book of Ruth. On that day i remember thinking how lucky i was and how i would do anything in the world to keep my promises and stand firm to my vows. My wish was to create a family and a life much better than I had growing up!

Over the last 20 years Angel and I were very successful in building our family, careers, friends, our faith, and our values as a married couple and as parents.

As I lay here tonight in a corporate medical apartment near MD Anderson, where my sweet wife is battling sarcoma, I am proud to say “we nailed it”!!! We had good days and bad days but together we raised an amazing daughter who has more strength and courage than any 18 year old I know! We remained true to our vows every day for 20 years! We never settled! We kept moving up and forward in everything we did!

A few months ago the “sickness and health” part of our vows were tested! We nailed that too! We haven’t done everything perfectly but I am proud of every single day we have conquered! Our anniversary this year won’t be celebrated in any “ elaborate” way or with any expensive gifts like we had planned. It will be spent just being “together” and finding the most joy we can find in the day!

Don’t take a single day for granted! Be kind, be honest, be true to your vows, keep your promises! Be “better” than the day before! Love fiercely and faithfully! So many people we know are just going through the motions of being “married”. Get your crap together! You love each other more than you know!

I pray no one reading this post ever has to experience what my sweet Angel has gone through or the impact it’s made on me and our family! But for one second, imagine where we are and how we are celebrating our 20th! LOVE each other, forgive and move on! I love Angel more than anyone can ever imagine! She is the light of my day, my constant encourager, the person I trust most in life, and the person GOD chose specifically for ME! I pray that our day is absolutely perfect in its own special way! Happy Anniversary my sweet Angel! I Love you through it all! ❤️#20

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Journal entry by Ashley Garner

hello to all:
angel has had a rough go this round of chemo. We are still in the hospital and have been here since November 14th. 

She is well aware of where she is and talking and doing so good. She has fluid that built up in her lungs that have caused several problems, however we are losing that extra fluid and she is on her way to being back to herself. Please continue to pray.. 

Happy Saturday.. 

way to go WM Rebels.. 

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Today is Angel’s Birthday and things haven’t been going very well this round of chemo.  Today is day 12 in the hospital.  Please pray specifically that her neuro improves drastically and her Kidney function normalizes!  Pray for strength, peace, hope, happiness, faith and above all healing according to Gods will!
Love you all!

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

When they leave it takes me to my knees... Please continue to pray as she FIGHTS everyday... Thanksgiving is BIG to our family and it will continue on this year too, we may just be celebrating in Houston.  :)  Fight Fearlessly and Love Hard

Update: We made a short trip home to West Monroe this past week. Emotions were all over the place but the trip was good for our “soul”! One thing that was overwhelmingly obvious, was that “one day” we just packed a bag and “left”! Coming home for the first time in a few months, you forget what your home looks like, how nice and cozy things are! How much “stuff” you have! We learned 2 important things...1)that we had been taking all these things for granted day in and day out. Don’t take anything for granted! Take a min and look around you! Reflect on how hard you have worked for what you have! It could all be gone tomorrow. 2) we felt somewhat guilty for having so much “stuff”. Not that we didn’t deserve it or work hard for it, the point is, we have been living with the min in Houston and making it just fine! Perhaps we could have helped and blessed more people along the way! Lesson learned! We are safely back at our apartment in Houston and we have a busy week with appointments and a new round of chemo being given over 6-7 days inpatient. Please pray that Angel will do well and can be released before Thanksgiving day! It’s one of the most cherished holidays to her entire family! I am adding the GoFundMe link again.Our path and journey changed a couple weeks ago when we received a “bump in our path”. With this, our expenses/finances have also changed. We are grateful for everyone who has already given and hope to pay it forward very soon! From the beginning, I was very clear that positive thoughts and prayers for strength, peace, joy and healing are what we need most! God bless and love to you all! Please share is you would like. 
💫💫Faith over fear 💫💫
💫💫Angel’s Army💫💫

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Angel started her new chemo treatment on  Wednesday, October 24th. She was allowed to recieve this chemo treatment as an outpatient. So we would check in every morning by 9am, and they would start her fluids, then start the chemo followed up with more fluids. It took about 5 hours each day and she finished up the actual treamnet on Monday.
Every round of treatment is a total of 21 days.

So please continue to pray for minimal side effects and that the chemo attacks and destroys the tumor completely. 

we had all the kids there this weekend along with a few visitors. Laughter is the best medicine.. 

thank you Matt Brock for spending the day with us Friday.
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