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Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Angel has her first appointment starting at 8:30am at MD Anderson. She will have a consultation and then see the Dr. at 10:30. Please stop and Pray for her as she will undergo lots of tests today.  

Positive In, Positive Out. 
Angel’s Army, Faith over fear. 

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

Please say an extra prayer this morning.  Biopsy at 10:00.  Pain was pretty bad last night.  Angel got very little sleep.  We are grateful to be having the biopsy so soon and grateful to be at MD Anderson.  We are grateful for every large and small thing that each person has done for us, especially the prayers!   We are claiming life, healing, peace and joy over my sweet Angel!
Love y’all! 🙏🏻❤️

Journal entry by Ashley Garner

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Today-7/13/19 marks one year for the day Angel and I were sitting in a doctors office trying to grasp the diagnosis of Osteosarcoma.  How to tell our sweet daughter, how to tell our family and friends.  That day was scary and emotional.  Yes we had fear, we had doubts, we were shaken to our core.  That also marks the day that i saw my Wife of nearly 20 years RISE UP in her Faith!  She grabbed my hand and brought me UP with her!  Loosing my sweet Angel has been life changing.  In the 10 month battle, she gave me the strength, the faith, the determination and the hope to RISE UP for myself and our family!  This last year was filled with dark days, doubts, fears, battles and many many tears! Those days were also filled with Faith, Prayer, Love, Life, lessons, and BLESSINGS!  We praise God for each day!   WELL DONE my sweet Angel!  WELL DONE!  
I challenge each of you to share this post and put “RISE UP” as your status!  Rise above whatever it is you are facing, divorce, illness, death, fear, abuse, depression, anxiety, whatever you face, RISE UP!
💫🎗💛FAITH over fear ALWAYS💛🎗💫
#RiseUp #BelikeAngel
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Angel is leaving Wednesday July 18, 2018 for MD Anderson for further testing and diagnosis. Please help us gather Angel’s Army to battle the weeks ahead! Thank you so much for continued prayers.