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Journal entry by Rachel Stein

Andy over all has done well this weekend. Getting lots of rest, trying to control pain, and working with his breathing tools. Today he was in more pain with his hips, ribs, and back - mainly due to lying so long, and working his lungs (which is good). Eight ribs and a sternum broken makes for no fun coughing or deep breaths, but he’s gotta do it. He received another unit of blood again today. His hemoglobin was still a little wonky, and they’re using diaretics to reduce puffiness. Tomorrow he has his right wrist area redressed and looked at and hopefully catheter removed. He’s still on CPAP therapy a couple times a day and at night. Overall drs are pleased with his healing and progress thus far. Thanks be to God! 

Today he got all three kiddos, which really, really brightened his day! Lexi did a great job, and was so happy to see her daddy finally. It was so nice to all 5 be together again ❤️

Funny story. Yesterday with lunch, the kitchen sent up of all things for dessert, a mini cannoli. I was surprised they offered such a “fancy” little Italian dessert. He of course didn’t want it, so there it sat. Every nurse and dr who came in made a comment about it, also surprised at the cute little cannoli. Well - night nurses had some fun with the uneaten treat, knowing today was gonna be Sunday. They created, “The Holy Cannoli”. Fun to see that in a not so fun situation or environment they do their best to get a smile, and they did :) 

Hugs and thanks yous to all you Team Andy folks, he enjoys when I read him all his messages and get well wishes. Xo

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