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Andy was in a mountain bike accident Sunday, October 7. He suffered significant damage to back, requiring spinal fusion of T2-8. He made it through surgery like a champ and now has a long recovery ahead.

He will be wearing a special brace called a CTLSO (cervical-thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthotic) to make sure his spine stays nice and straight to avoid further damage. He will likely be in this brace for at least three months.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Christine Henesh

Hello family and friends across the world!  Last night was Andy’s first night back home in our bed and he reports he slept well and is happy being back home.  This morning has been a fairly normal morning with the most remarkable difference being the amount of television. We typically don’t turn the TV on until evening and even then it’s watching an episode of Pysch or Bing Bang. 

[the fact this is the largest difference is pretty amazing, right?!]

We are learning the ropes and with Andrews engineer brain he’s constantly trying to find ways to improve and streamline our daily process.  He’s absolutely dying to reengineer his clamshell and has many suggestions. I wouldn’t be surprised if his clamshell looks different at the end of this ordeal. His brain never stops and seeing him behave normally is reassuring. 

He has been able to take his pain meds every six hours as opposed to every four hours. This means he is more alert, doesn’t have such a risk of nausea and an earlier return to normal GI stuff. 

He has had a yummy breakfast and lunch and im looking forward to the red lava cake calling my name!  He’s still on supplemental oxygen so we will have a little oxygen tank attached to his side everyone he goes. We have a condenser in the house and are getting use to it’s pumping and hissing sounds. 

We have gone on a nice walk around the neighborhood this afternoon. It was really nice to get out and do something normal. To be able to walk and talk. Share our fears and joys. I’m grateful for my husband and he somehow manages to still be my rock in the middle of this storm. 

Its funny how life works. When Andy asked me to marry him I absolutely said yes without hesitation. In the days that followed I swear to you my engagement ring literally felt heavy and hot. I spent a lot of time thinking about what it means to be married... about the fact life isn’t rosy all the time and can be downright hard and scary. 

Did I have what it takes to take wedding vows seriously?  Did I want Andy to be my person that travel through life with?


Without a doubt. 

Zero hesitation. 

He he was an answer to countless prayers. 

So, here we are- just shy of ten months of marriage and my husband has a broken back. He’s a champ- don’t get me wrong and he will kill it in recovery. But he broke his back. 

Let that sink in. 

And there hasn’t been a single split second that I have wished I were anywhere else. He’s my person. My number one. And I’ll be by his side through this and whatever else comes our way. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, this will be part of our love story. 

Keep the love, prayers, messages coming. We see them and it’s comforting. 

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