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On January 16, 2019, while he was at school, Andrew complained of a headache. He soon had trouble focusing his eyes. By the time Kendra got to the school, Andrew was not talking and he did not recognize her. EMS was called and they took Andrew to the hospital. They did tests, but it wasn't until they did a CT scan that they saw the tumor. Brain cancer. Those were the worst words that day. But there were good words, too. Small (2.5 cm). Operable. Calcification. No bleeding. Those were the good words of the day. And that's where this particular journey begins.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Jac Brennan

Andrew had an MRI this afternoon and, even though it has been officially "read," the neurologist, Dr. Reddy (Player One), took a peek at it. She said it looked great and was exactly what she expected. So that's good news.

Andrew is part of a control group in a UH Research Study of how radiation therapy in children affects blood vessels and increases risk of stroke later in life. He played a computer game to test his cognitive skills, as part of the study. Before that, they had to fill out a lot of paperwork for the study. One of the questionnaires asked how often he missed school in the past month. Kendra checked "almost never." Andrew had that same question on his questionnaire, but he answered "often." Of course, he noticed the discrepancy between their answers. His justified his answer by pointing out, "Mom! I missed 17 days last year!" She responded, "Andrew, you had a brain tumor. Also, the question is about the last month, not the last year." So--we'll see how Andrew does on the cognitive test. =)

The neurologist wants to see Andrew one more time in three months. If he still looks as good as he does now, then they will go to just twice a year neurology checkups. All good. 
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