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Site created on November 22, 2020

Update November 2020 My son got covid-19 in July while traveling to a new job. Andrew is having many problems from his months on ECMO due to his Covid-19 lung failure. He needs a lung tranplant immediately. He has still not been accepted by a transplant hospital. I am so scared. His vision is now failing. Please pray for him. We need these doors to open for him now. His entire future was ahead of him when he stepped on that plane in July. He has not been home since. He needs a miracle. Lord you are in the business of miracles. Please heal my son and let him come back to his family. Please pray for this. He is getting weaker.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Brenda Capen

Andrew Capen update 1/19 - Day 184. The beautifully written and organized posts are written by my sister and I copy them here. The frantic pleas are written by me.

Last week was pretty rough for Andrew followed by a very bad weekend. Sunday was the worst day of Andrew's life, his quote.

Sunday ended with a high fever and a spiked white count. This week is so much better. Andrew made calls to the family today. See the update from my sister, Wendy, below:

Andrew called today and we talked for 46 minutes.  He was extremely happy and feeling energetic.  Today’s post is information straight from him. 

He is still in San Antonio.  There is no bed available for him yet in Houston.

Today has been a really good day.  His taste is starting to return - he was able to taste his coffee and eggs this morning. He also walked about 600 feet and was able to stand without holding on to his walker.   His eyesight is getting better too.  He was able to see well enough to make phone calls by himself.

Marc asked what he misses most.  His reply is “family, his dog, certain foods (like Chubby’s smothered fries), a cold beer on a hot day, and sleeping on his side”.

Andrew is planning on writing a book about his experience and is hoping to use these posts to help chronicle his story.  He has been running book titles and covers around in his mind but hasn’t settled on anything yet. 

He mentioned he has written one new joke in the past 6 months...but it’s actually coauthored with my granddaughter Lexi.  Lexi and Levi have been sending him videos with their jokes (he loves seeing videos from people).  He wrote a new punchline for one of Lexi’s jokes.  I will let him tell you his joke when he is better. 

Here are a couple of quotes from him.

“2020 sucked big time but 2021 is gonna be a good year”

“The Mandalorian is a bad-ass series”

And something that is very important to him...he wants everyone to check the organ donor box on their drivers license and to let family members know their wishes.  He thinks it’s important that a family member shouldn’t have to make this decision for you. 

Lord, thank You!

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