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December 20, 2019

Prayers continue to be answered! 🙏🙌
Posted by Amy on a national AANP study FB page yesterday...

"I passed the AANP exam today!!! This was so much more than a test for me. It was a demonstration of determination, faith and will-power just like the rest of 2019. You see, 6 months ago I got a Strep A bacteremia (from yard work) which turned into Necrotizing Fasciitis, Septic Shock, DIC and ARDS . I spent the summer in the ICU on a vent and ECMO with 10 surgeries to save my life. I did end up having my right index finger and 1/3 of my left leg amputated due to emboli and infection. I was using a wheelchair and walker through the beginning of October but am now walking on my own. This was completely random. I was totally healthy before this and on my very last week of clinicals in my NP program. The word “miracle” has been used more than once by the MDs and Nurses who took care of me as well as others in my community regarding my recovery. I was told it would be a year before I would be back to “normal.” Well, here I am now back to my normal life with my husband and 3 children, finished my clinicals and now passed my certification exam 6 months later!!! 🙌🙌🙌"

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  • Julia van Arragon : Amy, you are truly an example of determimation! I am so proud of you! You are sounding like everything is back to your new normal! It is great to hear that! Congrats to my fellow Nurse Practitioner!
  • Molly Armstrong : This is truly beyond amazing Amy!!! Knowing you, I’m not the least bit surprised, but it’s absolutely AMAZING none the less. You are such an amazing woman and role model for your girls, and all the girls around! Your perseverance and determination motivates me! God is SO GOOD! I know he’s got big plans in store for you! Congrats Amy! You deserve all the praise in the world! You are truly amazing, and I am blessed to know you! ❤️
  • Carolyn Kirkendall : Congratulations....!
  • Gloria Bond : Bravo, Amy! So proud of you! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!
  • Beth von Merveldt : OMG, Amy I’m so happy for you. You are an amazing woman, & what a story u have to share of determination, resilience, & faith. I always feel it takes a village to meet the challenges of life; & ur village has been an amazing support to u & ur family. Continued prayers & celebrations for ur accomplishments. Merry Christmas
  • Delena Carite : Congratulations Amy! Simply amazing as you continue to defy the odds and recover more quickly than ever expected. What a blessing and a miracle. Merry Christmas!
  • Mike Sandy Nicely : Amy: we are so happy for you to have passed your certification exam. The Lord has plans to use you in a mighty way. We think of you often and throw up prayers for you and your recovery. God bless you and your sweet children and husband this Christmas and in all of 2020. I look forward to seeing you in May when we visit Craig Taylor. I want to hug you. 😁. Love, Sandy & Mike Nicely.
  • Caryn Fink : So very happy for you Amy!!! You rock!!!!!
  • Ed Gilligan : Amy - congratulations! What a hard fought battle you have been through, and you have finally crossed the finish line. Have a blessed holidays with Mark and the kids.