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December 20, 2019

Prayers continue to be answered! 🙏🙌
Posted by Amy on a national AANP study FB page yesterday...

"I passed the AANP exam today!!! This was so much more than a test for me. It was a demonstration of determination, faith and will-power just like the rest of 2019. You see, 6 months ago I got a Strep A bacteremia (from yard work) which turned into Necrotizing Fasciitis, Septic Shock, DIC and ARDS . I spent the summer in the ICU on a vent and ECMO with 10 surgeries to save my life. I did end up having my right index finger and 1/3 of my left leg amputated due to emboli and infection. I was using a wheelchair and walker through the beginning of October but am now walking on my own. This was completely random. I was totally healthy before this and on my very last week of clinicals in my NP program. The word “miracle” has been used more than once by the MDs and Nurses who took care of me as well as others in my community regarding my recovery. I was told it would be a year before I would be back to “normal.” Well, here I am now back to my normal life with my husband and 3 children, finished my clinicals and now passed my certification exam 6 months later!!! 🙌🙌🙌"

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November 15, 2019

As shared by Amy on Facebook...
Today is a big day in my NF recovery. I’ve officially graduated from IU Methodist Wound Care. Five months of surgeries, debridements, wound vacs, painful dressing changes and skin grafts and I’m finally done. From an ICU nurse perspective, seeing my progress from acute/intensive care to outpatient care and rehab and now almost complete recovery has been an amazing experience. It’s made me a better person and a better nurse. And now I can move on and close this chapter. Thanks for everyone’s support throughout this journey. I’m sure everyone is as sick of hearing about it as I am talking about it. Please appreciate and enjoy time with your family and friends this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving FB family!


October 31, 2019

Amy's story on IU Health's website...


October 27, 2019

Amy continues to improve with mobility and functionality but not without some challenges along the way. Our girl is tough! She continues meet these challenges head on...
"The latest part of this whole illness/recovery process has been the loss of my hair. Although a surprise to me, I’ve learned that hair-loss is a fairly common delayed reaction (roughly 4-6 months) after a major trauma or illness. 😔 Not going to lie, THIS is hitting me hard. Almost harder than losing my finger or partial leg. I’m trying to stay positive. I know it’s just hair and it will grow back. Meanwhile, I’m learning to accessorize with hats."


September 25, 2019

From Amy via Facebook...
"There have been really big changes this week. I have now graduated from a wheelchair and walker to a boot and a cane. Also, I am officially off all narcotics. Standing up straight again feels great and not relying on narcotics to function is even more amazing. I’m not pain free but it’s tolerable. Now that I’m off pain meds, I’m able to drive. Mark took a picture as I drove him to work. ☺️😉 Progress is happening people!!" ❤️🎉🙌🙌🙌


September 11, 2019

A long day of waiting around but we were finally able to see Amy. Things went well. All grafts were completed!! 🙌
She is still very sleepy but stable. Lots of burning at the graft sites which will be ongoing during healing. 
She will remain at IU Methodist hospital at least until her first dressing change planned for Sunday.
She has crossed a big hurdle today. Now, we need continued healing and fir the grafts to successfully 'take.' 🙏


September 10, 2019

It's been awhile! Healing has progressed slowly and not without some bumps in the road, but Amy is handling it all well.

I wanted to be sure and let her tribe know she is scheduled for her 1st (and maybe ONLY 🤞) plastics/grafting surgery tomorrow! Woohoo!! Onto the next phase of recovery...

Please continue good thoughts and prayers for strength, healing, pain control and guidance for the medical team! 

I will keep you posted! ❤


August 19, 2019

"I’m home once again! Woohoo! I was discharged Saturday evening. I am back to the grind of Dr. appts, wound care, PT and OT. It’s not a glamorous life I live but at least I live. I have to remind myself of that sometimes."
--Amy Sprunger (via Facebook)

She is to meet with her infectious disease doctor next week to further discuss these 'pockets.' For now, she's back at home and doing all she can to heal.