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A Year Later...March 13, 2020

I waited til now to post since it’s been such a crazy week with the daylight savings time change, full moon, coronavirus news, today being Friday the 13th and my 1 year anniversary of my life-changing, horrible fall!

In some ways, it feels like years ago, in other ways, it feels like days ago since I slipped on the ice. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about it. My hands still hurt, usually at night. I see the scar on my neck. I lose my grip on something I could have held onto otherwise. My life is forever changed, but I am alive! I survived a terrible accident.

I often think about how different my life would be if I would have been paralyzed. Where we would park when we go places, where we would sit at the girls’ events. I definitely had some angels watching over me.

As I reflect on the past year, I am so thankful for all those who helped us when I was hurt. I am so grateful for all the food, gifts, thoughts, and prayers.

This week my friends who were meeting me to walk that morning set up pedicures and dinner to celebrate the anniversary of my fall. I’ve included a couple pics of us as well as the bouquet Jeff had delivered today (thanks, Jill!)

Thanks again for all the support this past year. I feel the love. Stay safe and well!

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6 month fall-iversary - Friday the 13th

I have to admit, I find it ironic that today is the 6-month anniversary of my fall and don’t think for a second I have not recognized that it’s Friday the 13th!

I am happy to report that the day has been uneventful! I am now officially off of all medications, I weaned off of the nerve meds almost 2 weeks ago. My hands still hurt if I use them a lot and I have also noticed they bother me when they get cold. Darn nerves are certainly weird. I still use a heated corn bag (which Jeff “loves” as he thinks it smells like old man pee) each night in bed to comfort my hands.

Thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers as more time has passed since my accident. We are keeping busy with the start of school and the girls’ volleyball seasons. I’ve included a couple pics from last night’s games/parent’s night.


July 13, 2019

4 months. It seems like forever ago, yet I’m reminded daily that it wasn’t that long ago that my life changed.

I realized last night the irony that today was the 13th and we are planning to support the Royalton Fire & Rescue event, “Fire Up the Diamonds” happening later today. We had a couple other options for entertainment, but after needing/using the rescue team this year, it’s a no brainer that we will be there!

The “zingers” are becoming less frequent, and I really noticed they decreased after our family camping trip at the end of June! Maybe the R’n’R and family fun was just what my body needed?!

We had a great camping trip to Lake Bemidji State Park the last week of June, followed by a busy 4th of July holiday week! The 4-day weekend was filled with lots of family and friend fun - the annual Canary Crawl 5K and potluck, hanging out with neighbor friends, a wedding and Bowlus Fun Day - kept us going non-stop!

I’ve attached a pic sent to me by a friend shortly after my fall - thanks Sam - a great reminder to keep on keeping on! I continue to take my nerve meds 3x/day and I can tell you what time it is if I miss a dose. My hands are still sensitive and painful when the meds wear off. I have also noticed my hands and feet are more cold than before. I warm up a corn bag and that helps.

Thanks for checking in, for now my health update is: no news is good news. I am keeping up with my morning and evening walks and am enjoying summer fun with the family...while working in between!


June 19, 2019

My MRI results were posted in MyChart last night. I read thru them, analyzed and googled, talked to my mom, she googled and explained, I worried, she tried not to tell me things that may or may not be happening to make me worry, and sigh, I went to bed.

So... other than being tired today, I am happy to be posting my MRI results. It's been a long 5 days for me! This is what my PA shared with me this morning, note: this is not what I read in MyChart! I know I shouldn't assume the worst, but I do.

The MRI shows the following:

Mild arthritis changes throughout your cervical spine.
Hardware is intact and in place. There is some blurring of the images around the hardware and therefore we cannot see the nerve roots well (which is why they are suggesting a new scan).
I don't think you need a new scan for this as you aren't having shooting pains down your arms.
Also, there is no sign of permanent spinal cord damage, which is good.

Phew, it's good. I'm continuing to heal. My body is telling me to slow down and let it heal!

THANK YOU for all the positivity... prayers, texts, and messages of support!


June 14, 2019

Well, I survived the MRI. Took 1 Xanax, but if I have to have another MRI it will be too soon, and I will then ask for 2!! I was awake the whole time and SO hot!! It was “only” 15 minutes (the one in the ER was 45!) so I focused on my breathing, wiggled my toes, and prayed.
What a relief, but now I wait for results... Thank you for all the prayers and words of encouragement via texts, here, and Facebook as I was quite anxious.
I do not have any follow up appointments scheduled so now I wait to hear what my PA thinks of the MRI. I will update when I hear from her!


June 13, 2019

It's hard to believe it's 3 months on the calendar since I fell. I thought I'd share a quick update since it's the "anniversary" and it's been a while since I've updated. I'll try to be brief.
I finished OT the last week of May, we felt I had plateaued. I am able to do most everything to get through my days, with the help of the nerve meds that I still take 3x/day. I am currently "on hold" with OT until after my MRI tomorrow (see below).

I am still at work full-time and it's going well, I do not have to move around as much as I first did when I started, but I should take more frequent breaks than I do - my neck and shoulders tell me when I overdo it! I am happy that my employer offers us summer Fridays from Memorial Day to Labor Day so we only work till noon on Fridays!

I had an appointment with my PA on 5/30. We decided that I should have another MRI as my "zingers" have become more frequent and common. I am not sure if I've talked about those on here yet, but around the 1-month mark after my fall - I only remember this because it was my birthday weekend - I started having what I refer to as "zingers". I would compare the feeling of hitting your funny bone, or what the spring/doorstop sounds like when you flick it! I feel a "buzz" down 1 or both of my legs or arms, depending on the movement. At first (and still) I felt them when I was out for a walk and I looked down at my feet, or when I put my arms above my head. As of late, they are happening when I roll over in bed as well as those other times. I had sent my PA a message and talked to her about it at my 4/18 appointment and she wanted me to monitor when it happened and if it was ever the same movements causing it. She was thinking it was part of the healing process and wasn't overly concerned. I had ended my PT around that time as well and of course, it never happened while I was there! When I realized it was happening more often, I tried not to worry but decided to ask her about it at my 5/30 check-up. She did a test on me called the "Hoffman's sign" which is a reflex test that shows spinal cord compression. Basically, she "flicked" my middle finger on both hands and could tell by the way my pointer finger reacted if there was nerve damage. She said I tested positive so she wants to confirm if it's still the trauma from the accident and my nerves healing or if there is something else going on and the MRI was ordered for tomorrow (needed pre-auth from insurance).
I got a bit emotional that day in her office. I think I was so anxious about that appointment and knew I would need further tests. When she said I was "positive" for having a spinal cord injury, I worried more. I hope and pray it is normal and just still healing from the injury I have already had surgery on, but part of me is scared I will need further surgery, or I will have permanent "zingers" for the rest of my life. Nerves are very strange and heal slowly so I need to have patience. I am glad I am having the MRI so I will know for sure what is going on in there and what to expect or worry about when I feel the way I do.
I was comforted by a friend of mine who reached out last Sunday (thank you, Lori!) She could relate to the "zingers" as she had them as she healed from an accident, she said hers were the nerves healing and went away after a couple of months, but that she was scared when she felt them as well.
I need to remember I am very lucky to have what little "scars" I do from this ordeal. I think back often to that day and how things could have gone differently. I find myself thinking about what could have been and wondering how I didn't FREAK out when I couldn't feel anything past my neck. I remember how my arms felt like dish rags and how hard I was trying to move them but they wouldn't move. I think of what I would have done if Jenn were not in the driveway with me. I think of how long I would have been laying there or who would have found me and when. It's surreal and scary. I find myself feeling sorry for myself, but I need to remember that it could be much worse. I know I can't turn back the clock, but I do wish every day that I hadn't gotten out of bed that morning. I think of that morning every morning, especially now that I've been getting up for my morning walks again. When I'm leaving the house alone, walking down my steps, walking over where I fell. I am thankful I am able to get up and walk with my friends again, and I don't want to take for granted the health I have!
I will update again when I have the results of my MRI, likely not until mid to late next week, I would assume since my MRI is on a (summer) Friday afternoon.
Thank you for the positive thoughts and prayers you can send my way for peace during the MRI and as I wait for the results. Let's hope it's just the healing process and not something major!

I'm including a few inspirational notes that I've seen that have comforted me as well as the MRI and X-ray of my neck if anyone is curious.


May 19, 2019

I saw this pic shared on Facebook and it spoke to me. I have to remember to take care of myself and to have patience!

Not much to update, keeping busy with work and the girls’ schedules winding down (or ramping up?) to summer. Alise has started her summer softball practices and Autumn will start after school is out. We are hoping she will be cleared to play again soon. She is feeling better after getting antibiotics for an ear infection this past week. She also took the IMPACT test and initial results from the doc were that it looked good so she was cleared to try some light activity to see how she felt. She’s been sleeping better and not feeling nearly as much fatigue as before so it’s likely the ear infection was causing some of her concussion symptoms!? She is going to try a full day of school tomorrow to see if she has any symptoms. Fingers crossed!

We also had another medical situation last week! I took Addison in to the ER after she had a freak accident at the baseball game on Thursday. She and her sister were playing with a volleyball and it went over the fence, instead of running around the fence, they tried to boost each other over. Well, it could have ended much worse, but Addison got poked by the fence near the ground and it fish-hooked under her skin. Since it was just a puncture wound, she didn’t need stitches, but she did need a tetanus shot and an X-ray to ensure the fence didn’t break off or leave foreign objects in her arm. Luckily, that was fine and we left within an hour with a prescription for 10 days of antibiotics and a sore arm (mostly from the shot)! Special thanks to our friends at the game who helped us get her unhooked and for the ride home (we had walked to the game).

We hope our medical problems are over but as always we appreciate the thoughts and prayers!


May 9, 2019

Hard to believe I am now 8 weeks out from my surgery today. These messages (again from Renee Rongen) really put things in perspective.

"Whenever you find yourself doubting where you’re going, look at how far you’ve come.  God didn’t bring you this far to abandon you.  

The mountain may be steep, but turn around…the view of the valley is spectacular.  The sunrise on the other side is even better."

I am nearly 3 full weeks back to work and things are going ok. I need to take breaks and change positions to not get a stiff neck/shoulders. I still have pain and tingling in my hands and arms but the meds help. I am down to 1 visit a week for occupational therapy and we may back off more since I am doing well at home and am really just waiting for the nerves to heal completely and that could take some time.

My most recent worry has been Autumn, she took a hard fall on Sunday playing basketball. She has a mild concussion and has been out of sports and gym all week, going to school half-days. Her symptoms are being very tired and a dull headache so that's good, it could have been much worse, and I was a mess as it was when she fell thinking the worst after my own injury!

Thanks for the continued prayers and support, I know I couldn't do this journey without!