Thoughts & Well Wishes

Sister Lois Wedl | Mar 22, 2019
Hi, dear Amy! Thought of you yesterday, the feast of St. Benedict.  We had fun and games from 11:00 to 1:00 in Gorecki's dining hall just to have Sisters and students mingle and visit and win prizes including yummy red velvet cupcakes with more extra yummy frosting. Those who came to the stand I was at picked a question that they asked me.  A few times i was asked: What are you most afraid of -- and my answer always was the same:  Slipping/falling on ice!  I suspect this might be your current answer, also.   And Amy, I am so sorry that this happened to you with tough consequences.   I am so glad you are on the CaringBridge site so we can know what is happening.  So glad that Nicole Welle let me know.   Many people send prayer me prayer requests that i post for the Sisters as well as send these requests to many persons who are on my e-mail list.  Yesterday, I asked many, many people even as far as Sri Lanka, Bosnia, Bahamas, Australia and Puerto Rico to pray for you . . . all former students that I taught at CSB/SJU.
If you are on email, please send a message to me at so I can respond to you ... if you like.   The CaringBridge and i carry on many conversations.  Please know that you are in my prayers and even Dr. Mary Hinton, our CSB President is praying for you.  Lovingly,   Sister Lois Wedl (Yes, I still live in Margretta Hall!)
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