Holly Frankel|May 7, 2021
Yay! I'm so glad Amber is home and that she has such a loving family. I love the dog puzzle. As always, I'm keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers daily. Love and Hugs
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Terri Bartko|May 7, 2021
Encouraging news. Get as much rest as possible Amber and stay strong!
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Luanne DiGuglielmo|May 6, 2021
I am so glad she’s home!!!!!
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Joan Kraus Ratti|May 6, 2021
Sounds like good news. The prayers seem to be helping. Glad she’s home for awhile. I look forward to your very informative updates. Stay strong. You all will get through this. 🙏🙏🙏
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Lily Di Matteo|May 6, 2021
Dear Marie, so glad to hear Amber is home for some weeks. Home is always the best place for anyone.
You are the best of nurses for Amber. I am sure about that.
That donor exists somewhere.
Send you and Amber all my love and of course my prayers to the universe are always there for Amber.
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