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May 6, 2021

Hello Fellow Well Wishers,

We hope everyone is well. Thank you for your continued concern and healing thoughts and prayers for Amber.

This week we got the surprise news that Amber could come home for a few weeks. It was earlier than expected and she is loving sleeping in her bed. I felt like I was packing her dorm room up as we accumulated a lot of stuff after being in the hospital for over 6 weeks (picture of our "move out" is attached). She will be home for 3-4 weeks until her next treatment begins. While she is home, she has to go to the outpatient Cancer Center 3-4 times a week for monitoring and routine blood and platelet transfusions. I got a crash course in nursing - I have to keep checking on her (nervous momma), take her temperature, and flush her ports every day (picture attached), in addition to dispensing lots of medications. There's a 10 page document of instructions, including "when to go to the ER" which we want to avoid. 

They will be doing another biopsy next week at the Cancer Center to see if the last treatment plan reached the desired levels. So we pray and hope the updated treatment did what it is supposed to be doing. If not, the treatment will need to be tweaked again. So keep those prayers coming and keep sending positive vibes into the universe that we are on the right path.

As she still has little to no immunity, she cannot have visitors outside the immediate household/family. She also gets very tired and spends lots of time resting, but we are still doing puzzles, activities, reading, etc. The puzzle news this week was one puzzle had 3 missing pieces (of course there's a chance we lost them while in the hospital)! Amber was able to do one of the larger puzzles (a cute dog puzzle) since there is more room at home. 

Unfortunately, Amber's sister Amanda is not a match to be her transplant donor. Disappointing news but we are hopeful that they will find a donor in the registry database. We will be meeting with the transplant team in a few weeks to start the process/search. So fingers crossed and keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming.

We remain positive and hopeful. Amber continues to be brave and strong through this ordeal, even during the tough days.

THANK YOU for all your continued wishes, thoughts, prayers, and support - and keep them coming.

I say it every time and I mean it - you have no idea how much everything means to us. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

Love and peace to all!


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  • Holly Frankel : Yay! I'm so glad Amber is home and that she has such a loving family. I love the dog puzzle. As always, I'm keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers daily. Love and Hugs
  • Terri Bartko : Encouraging news. Get as much rest as possible Amber and stay strong!
  • Luanne DiGuglielmo : I am so glad she’s home!!!!!
  • Joan Kraus Ratti : Sounds like good news. The prayers seem to be helping. Glad she’s home for awhile. I look forward to your very informative updates. Stay strong. You all will get through this. 🙏🙏🙏
  • Lily Di Matteo : Dear Marie, so glad to hear Amber is home for some weeks. Home is always the best place for anyone. You are the best of nurses for Amber. I am sure about that. That donor exists somewhere. Send you and Amber all my love and of course my prayers to the universe are always there for Amber. Xoxo❤💚💜💙💛 Lily