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Journal entry by Amanda Betsworth

I’m not the best at keeping this updated 😬

Looks like when I left off last time was after port placement. 
I’ve had 2 complete rounds of chemo and as I type am sitting in the hospital getting my 3rd round. I’ve been very lucky so far I think, side effects have been minimal! Thank you, prayer warriors!! After both rounds so far, the first 3-4 days seem to be the worst....and even at that I can’t say they are terrible. I take the anti-nausea meds/steroid as they are prescribed; I don’t sleep great, but have been able to make it to 3-4am, then I get up to take meds, read a little, and go back to sleep for awhile. Luckily it’s been over the weekend so school hasn’t been an issue. The Neulasta port runs the next day after chemo, and I can really feel the effects from that on Sunday/Monday (deep muscle/bone ache from how it stimulates white blood cell production in bone marrow). I take several medications to combat those side effects. After that wears off, I really have been feeling pretty “normal”. 

I haven’t been taking any meds after day 5-Monday. I keep an empty prescription bottle that has a cotton ball with a few drops of Peppermint essential oil at all times to sniff - as that can help combat nausea; I also try to keep a little bottle in purse/vehicle with Aleve, fast acting nausea med, and heartburn med....for just in case. I like another oil, DigestZen for tummy issues....and still have those stool softeners when all else fails 😏💩 Apparently chemo usually affects the digestive/elimination system one way or another. 

My hair did really start to come out after the second round.... We were at Zack and Bethany’s so I climbed in the tub and let all the kids shave my head! It was quite fun I thought 😊 💇🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍🦲 

We had a fantastic Christmas, were able to make it to my parents in NE for a quick weekend...spent Christmas Day with Brad’s mom Diana and Greg, as well as Bethany and family.....then that weekend Brad’s dad Brent and Teri came up to Bethany’s. We were thoroughly spoiled, so grateful to all of our families and friends for all the love and support!! 🥰🥰

Kids enjoyed the rest of break, can’t say that we did much too exciting, they did have friends over and go see friends....neither was ready to go back to school Tuesday! It really was a good break. 

Back to busy.....Livee has b-ball practice twice a week and games on Saturday; Brayden started middle school wrestling so practice every day til 5:30 and wrestling tournaments on Saturdays. 

I’m going to try and get into a routine of going to the gym at least twice a week, I asked for a membership for Christmas 😉. My mobility is getting close to “normal” I need to work on strength. I’m still on restrictions (25#) but should be released on my next visit to surgeon.  
I haven’t been working for the last few months, and will have to meet lifting requirements in order to be on the list of available PTA’s at the facility I’m at. Really gives me a whole new perspective to work with patients in skilled nursing/rehab! 

Well, I’m done for this round at the hospital! Fingers crossed for somewhat the same minimal side effects as the last two rounds. My oncologist says I’m doing great, he noticed some red spots in my mouth and wants to prevent I was sent home with a mouth rinse to use. 

I’ve had on my mind a post about how humbled and thankful I am. I just can’t quite get the words right...or, more accurately, better words come when I’m doing something that I can’t write them down. 
So, for now, thanks to all the prayer that have become family...acquaintances that have become friends...  I appreciate all the prayers, good thoughts & vibes...all of it! Thank You!!!

Oh, and it was awesome to still go to the freezer and pull out a casserole, bread, and throw together a salad for supper! 🍽💖🥰 
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