Honor Amanda

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Colleen Mansmith

Gifted by Colleen Mansmith

“In honor of Amanda Babyar, a true fighter, a true hero! I am very thankful for this avenue of communication! Thank you CaringBride!”

Gifted by Lucy Quinn (Carol Deutsch's Mom)

“In honor of Amanda Babyar; I hope and pray for only the best for you, Amanda”

Gifted by Bob, Bev, & Laura

“In honor of Amanda Babyar...??Ice Hogs?? GO ICE HOGS anyway...go Hawks... and please tell your Grandfather (Dennis) GO BEARS...BEAT THE PACK...”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Amanda Babyar”
Dave Cotter, Angie, Alexia

Gifted by Dave Cotter, Angie, Alexia

“Stay strong and keep going, we are all praying for you. Go Hawks, Go Sox and Go Bears...err I mean Go Packers...,)”
Janice Shenk

Gifted by Janice Shenk

“In honor of Amanda Babyar Good luck and prayers for a speedy recovery. From what I have been reading, you are a fighter. I know you will prevail.”