Honor Amanda

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“In honor of Amanda Babyar, a true fighter, a true hero! I am very thankful for this avenue of communication! Thank you CaringBride!”

— Colleen Mansmith

“In honor of Amanda Babyar; I hope and pray for only the best for you, Amanda”

— Lucy Quinn (Carol Deutsch's Mom)

“In honor of Amanda Babyar...??Ice Hogs?? GO ICE HOGS anyway...go Hawks... and please tell your Grandfather (Dennis) GO BEARS...BEAT THE PACK...”

— Bob, Bev, & Laura

“In honor of Amanda Babyar”

— Anonymous

“Stay strong and keep going, we are all praying for you. Go Hawks, Go Sox and Go Bears...err I mean Go Packers...,)”

— Dave Cotter, Angie, Alexia

“In honor of Amanda Babyar Good luck and prayers for a speedy recovery. From what I have been reading, you are a fighter. I know you will prevail.”

— Janice Shenk