Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

Just got back from Cincinnati and things are definitely looking up.  Her lab work all came back great and the doctor is recommending 2 more Remicade infusions and he thinks that should do it.  He is also switching her from prednisone to hydrocortisone starting today. In about 6 weeks or so, he’ll repeat the colonoscopy to confirm that her GVHD is in remission and under control. Her symptoms (cramping and diarrhea) have greatly improved in the past month.  The steroid switch is a big deal and hopefully in a couple of months, she should see a lot of the swelling go down.  She will need to remain on the hydrocortisone for awhile.  He explained that a very slow steroid wean will reduce the chances that her GVHD would flair up again.  So, she has an infusion in Louisville next week, then back up to Cincinnati on the 11th for the last infusion and next steps. Prayers that she remains healthy. 

One request for everyone....PLEASE get your flu shot. (We got ours today, including Alyssa) If Alyssa (or any immuno-compromised person) gets exposed to the flu, it could have serious consequences.  With very few exceptions, everyone should get a flu shot.  And P.S. the flu shot DOES NOT cause the flu!
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