Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

Alyssa’s most recent doctor visit was last Friday.  While her diarrhea and cramps from the GVHD have improved significantly, Dr. Nelson still wants to continue the twice weekly Remicade infusions, at least for the rest of this month.  He did drop her prednisone down to 25mg daily, with possible weans of 5-10mg each week.  His plan with the steroid is to get her off the prednisone and back on the hydrocortisone. According to him, the hydrocortisone has less side effects, mainly the “moon face” and weight gain.  At this point though, she’s been on prednisone for so long it will still take many months for all her swelling to go down. And she will probably have to stay on the hydrocortisone into next year.

The good part is we get to see her for a few days every week, but I think the back-and-forth is getting a little old for her.  Her next doctor appointment is on September 27th.
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