Albert Wohlleb|Mar 26, 2019
She is a warrior and will be kicking ass soon. Many wonderful and loving roads ahead. Wishing you the very best.
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Sue Schulte|Mar 22, 2019
You’ve got this girl,
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Kristi Shelton|Mar 21, 2019
I’m so excited for all of you! Answered prayers!
Enjoy some freedom from the hospital!
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Ken Embry|Mar 21, 2019
Great news! Thanks for keeping us posted. Thoughts and prayers continue here in Bowling Green. Keep safe and well in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. That’s where my wife, Cookie, grew up. I’ve been thinking for quite a while trying to say something nice about the area but I’m stalled. I did come up with this though, I like their chili. Hope you can add some nice things about the area. (Oh yes, they do have good medical people and facilities.).
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Laura Cavanaugh-Smith|Mar 21, 2019
Great news! This will not keep her down long. Keeping everyone in my prayers.😘 Love to all.
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Lori Spalding|Mar 21, 2019
Happy, happy tears my friend!!!!!!!
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